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Alternative Web Services

June 10, 2017

Alternative Web Services


June 10, 2017

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  1. Wei-Lun Chao <bluebat@member.fsf.org> 10 Jun. 2017 Alternative Alternative Web Services

    Web Services HKOSCON
  2. DuckDuckGo DuckDuckGo URL: https://duckduckgo.com/ Service: Search Engine

  3. HackMD HackMD URL: https://hackmd.io/ Service: Wiki Text

  4. EtherCalc EtherCalc URL: https://ethercalc.org/ Service: Wiki Spreadsheet

  5. NitroTasks NitroTasks URL: http://app.nitrotasks.com/ Service: ToDo List

  6. WeekPlan WeekPlan URL: https://app.weekplan.net/ Service: Calendar

  7. OpenMailBox OpenMailBox URL: https://www.openmailbox.org/webmail/ Service: E-Mail

  8. FreeLists FreeLists URL: https://www.freelists.org/ Service: Mailing List

  9. MeWe MeWe URL: https://mewe.com/myworld Service: Social Networking

  10. jitsiMeet jitsiMeet URL: https://meet.jit.si/ Service: Group Meeting

  11. Telegram Telegram URL: https://web.telegram.org/ Service: Instant Messaging

  12. Wordpress Wordpress URL: https://wordpress.com/ Service: Blogging

  13. Mastodon Mastodon URL: https://mastodon.social/ Service: Micro-blogging

  14. Odysee(LBRY) Odysee(LBRY) URL: http://odysee.com/ Service: Video Sharing

  15. Github Github URL: https://github.com/ Service: Version Control

  16. OpenHUB OpenHUB URL: https://www.openhub.net/ Service: Software Forge

  17. Dropbox Dropbox URL: http://www.dropbox.com/ Service: File Hosting

  18. SpeakerDeck SpeakerDeck URL: https://speakerdeck.com/ Service: Presentations Sharing

  19. Slides Template :資訊未來大自由 by Eric Sun Thank you!