Statistics of Web Performance Measurement and Anomaly Detection

Statistics of Web Performance Measurement and Anomaly Detection

The first step to improving any process or product is to measure how it performs. The second step is data analysis. In this talk, we will analyse page load time experienced by real users and associated business metrics. We will look at various statistical methods and algorithms that may be used, and figure out the ones that make the most sense given the dataset we have. Should we use the mean, median or mode? Is our distribution Normal, Log-Normal or something else? What is the system’s steady-state, and how will I know if it deviates? Can my alerts adapt to the seasonality of my traffic? What is Holt-Winters, how come Nelson Rules and is Kolomogorov-Smirnov a type of Vodka?

The techniques covered in this talk will help you react quickly to changes in your system, and possibly prevent or minimize the impact of outages.


Philip Tellis

June 01, 2016