Innovation as Activism: Ideas for Libraries

Innovation as Activism: Ideas for Libraries

Presentation given by Brianna Marshall at HASTAC 2013 in Toronto, Ontario. Part of the panel “Innovative Identity: Re-envisioning Activism in Libraries and Archives” with co-panelist Melissa Villa-Nicholas.


Brianna Marshall

April 27, 2013


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    innova&on  as  ac&vism:   ideas  for  libraries     Brianna

     Marshall   MLS/MIS  Candidate,  Indiana  University  
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    “building  financial  and  tac&cal  support  to  ensure     that

     local  library  ini&a&ves  pass  at  the  ballot  box”  
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    benefits   •  cultural     •  social    

    •  health   •  environmental   •  prac&cal  
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    CC  image  courtesy  of  t  r  e  v  y  on

     Flickr   throwaway  culture  
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    they  can  be  life   enriching*…  and  lead    

    to  more  innova&ons.   *hWp://agnos&­‐library-­‐reloaded-­‐collec&ons/