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Users In The Mist

Users In The Mist

Field Studies are great learning opportunities to capture personal details about people and their environments. This activity provides challenges though, like when you find yourself in an uncomfortable position due to an offhand comment or if you notice something about their environment that is a danger. Over the course of my career, I’ve had the opportunity to conduct field studies where sensitive information was the focus and odd, or unexpected, situations came up. Based on my experiences, I’ve put together lessons learned that can help practitioners prepare for performing fields studies, and also provide warning signs for when things start to go awry.

These lessons will be given as parables to interviews I’ve conducted with people around dinner tables around the country. These stories range from the humorous to the slightly disturbing. And each has a unique message to tell that will help designers, new and old, prepare for field studies of their own.


Brad Nunnally

April 04, 2012

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  1. Users In The Mist Brad Nunnally Lead User Experience Designer

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  7. What are field studies?

  8. Your Field Kit

  9. Informs Scope

  10. Guides Decisions

  11. Advises Documentation

  12. Unique Experience

  13. Not Always Normal

  14. Gets A Bit Odd

  15. Can Be Uncomfortable

  16. What’s Lost Is Now Gone

  17. Engage With Participant

  18. Follow Their Story

  19. Don’t Lose Focus

  20. Saved By My Best Friend

  21. None
  22. Haunt You

  23. Over Shadowing

  24. Grip It & Rip It

  25. None
  26. None
  27. Joker Of War

  28. Not Too Friendly

  29. Remain Professional

  30. Help Ground You

  31. Pistols And Porn

  32. Shocking!

  33. None
  34. Don’t Poison Me Bro’

  35. Be Non-Judgmental

  36. Body Language

  37. None
  38. None
  39. General Takeaways

  40. Be “On-time”

  41. The Buddy System

  42. Humanize Yourself

  43. Pictures Business Cards Project Info Contact Info

  44. Take The Water

  45. Just As Scared As You

  46. Be 100% Honest!

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