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Introducing Laravel Dusk

Introducing Laravel Dusk

Laravel Dusk provides an expressive, easy-to-use browser automation and testing API. Dusk makes it possible to run your Browser tests without any installation of drivers on your machine since it uses the standalone ChromeDriver. This talk will learn you the ins and outs of browser testing. We will use Laravel Dusk too test an application that is build with a VueJS frontend and Laravel backend.

Bobby Bouwmann

May 10, 2019

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  1. Introducing
    Laravel Dusk

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  2. About me
    » Bobby Bouwmann
    » @bobbybouwmann
    » Developer @ Enrise - Code Cuisine
    » Top contributor Laracasts
    » Creator of https://markdownmail.com

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  4. Agenda
    » What is Laravel Dusk?
    » What is Browser testing?
    » When to apply Browser testing?
    » Why use Laravel Dusk?
    » Laravel Dusk - the code
    » Demo Time
    » Caveats

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  5. Let's talk
    Laravel Dusk

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  6. What is Laravel Dusk?
    “Laravel Dusk provides an expressive, easy-to-use
    browser automation and testing API. By default, Dusk
    uses a standalone ChromeDriver installation.”

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  7. What is Browser testing?
    » Testing to enruse application works as expected in
    a given browser
    » Test JavaScript based application functionality
    » Checking links, popups, menus

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  8. Manual vs Automated
    » Developer, product owner, user/customer clicking
    » Automated using some tool

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  9. Manual Browser testing
    » Clicking through application
    » Testing different devices, versions and browsers
    » Takes a lot of time
    » Repeating work
    » Multiple browser versions
    » Focus on responsive
    » Error prone

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  10. Automated Browser testing
    » Continious Integration (CI)
    » Testing multiple browsers, versions at the same
    » Complex setup (we'll see about that!)
    » Has to be maintained

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  11. Automated Browser testing tools
    » Laravel Dusk 4.x (since 2017, Laravel 5.4)
    » Selenium 3.x (since 2004)
    » Cypress.io 3.x (since 2017)
    » PhantomJS 2.x (since 2011)
    » Paid services (Selenium as a Service)

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  12. When to apply it
    » Our responsibility as developers to make sure the
    project works for all users, not matter what
    browser or device

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  15. When to apply it
    » Order or payment flows
    » Oauth flows with other parties
    » Making screenshots/videos
    » Automating processes on websites

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  17. Introducing
    Laravel Dusk

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  18. Introducing Laravel Dusk
    » Browser testing for web applications
    » Browser abstraction on top of PHP-Webdriver
    » Doesn't require any JDK or other tool like
    » Comes with standalone ChromeDriver executable

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  19. History of Laravel Dusk
    » Laravel 5.2: Symfony BrowserKit
    » Laravel 5.4: Laravel Dusk

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  38. Benefits of Dusk
    » Integrated with Laravel (auth, sessions, cookies)
    » Running seeds per test
    » Laravel syntax for writing tests
    » No extra installation of JDK's or Selenium
    » Can be used with Selenium or other tools as well

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  39. Disadvantages of Dusk
    » Coupled to Laravel, harder to setup outside of the
    » Missing a dashboard/tool to see a step-by-step
    overview of the tests

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  40. CI integration
    » php artisan serve
    » chromedriver

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  42. Demo time

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  43. How to get started
    » There are tools or ready to go containers for you
    » You can use my setup
    » Start digging into this yourself!
    » Laravel TestTools

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  44. A good use case
    » Monthly payments
    » Screenshots
    » Sending emails

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  45. Laravel Dusk caveats

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  46. Thank you!

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