Globaldev Tech Talk: Build your own Heroku

Globaldev Tech Talk: Build your own Heroku

The globaldev team is gradually becoming more polyglot, and is constantly
churning out more supporting applications to help run our platform. Deploying
all these apps the "old fashioned way" provides a big headache for our
Operations team. Luckily, the industry is moving more and more towards
containerised PaaS-style deployment such as that used by Heroku.

In this talk I discuss how companies that aren't on the absolute bleeding edge
of the Linux kernel can still leverage these patterns on their private
infrastructure, even when fantastic projects like Docker won't run on their
hardware. I also provide a preview of the technology that will be backing
Griddle when it is released. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


Paul Bowsher

August 12, 2013


  1. 1.

    Build Your Own Heroku Even if you run a 7-year-old

    Operating System* *title bait Friday, 4 April 14
  2. 4.

    1. Codebase 2. Dependencies 3. Config 4. Backing Services 5.

    Build, release, run 6. Processes 7. Port binding 8. Concurrency 9. Disposability 10.Dev/prod parity 11. Logs 12. Admin processes Friday, 4 April 14
  3. 12.

    35 apps in production +6 in last 4 months 2

    in development Friday, 4 April 14