Why Developer Experience Matters at Cloud Expo 2015

Why Developer Experience Matters at Cloud Expo 2015

This talk will explore why developer experience matters, what makes for a great developer experience and the relationship between developer experience and the broader field of user experience. Software developers are gaining more influence over the purchase decisions of technologies with which they must build on and with which they must integrate. For example, the success of Amazon Web Services, Heroku and MongoDB has been driven primarily by individual software developers choosing to use these tools, rather than the by the decisions of managers or business executives.

Many of today’s products and services include APIs and other points of extension and integration intended to be used by software developers, even if the primary market segment for these products and services is not software developers. Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake once referred to APIs as “Business Development 2.0” and others have more recently begun to use the term “API economy” to refer to the emergence of APIs as a new model of engagement with customers, business partners and others.

This talk is intended to foster a dialogue around what makes for a great developer experience. The speaker will outline his views on the three key components of a great developer experience: self service, composability and hackability. The presentation will include an example of how IBM Cloudant identified an area in need of improved developer experience, developed a new feature to improve the developer experience and then contributed this new feature to the open source Apache CouchDB project.


Bradley Holt

June 09, 2015