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Future of Craft

Brandon Kelly
February 05, 2019

Future of Craft

A quick recap of recent Craft releases, an update on the community’s continued growth, and an overview of our future plans for Craft. Presented at Dot One Melbourne 2019, our first Asia-Pacific event.

Brandon Kelly

February 05, 2019

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  1. !

  2. Localization • Allow users to be localizable • Multi-site element

    queries • Explicit cross-site relations & reference tags • Per-site category statuses
  3. Author Experience • Kill the endless scroll on element indexes

    • Bulk element editing • Sort elements by custom fields • Per-user element index customization
  4. Field Layouts • Conditions • Grids • In-page field CRUD

    • Fieldsets & horizontal rules • Field instances
  5. High Level • Redesigned Vue-powered Control Panel • Full REST

    API for system administration • GraphQL API for content