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State of Craft 2019

Brandon Kelly
September 19, 2019

State of Craft 2019

The opening keynote for Dot All 2019 (https://dotall.com/2019), with an overview of Craft’s accomplishments in 2019 thus far, a look at Craft 4.0 (coming in 2020), and the announcement of Craft Cloud (https://craft.cloud), “Headless Craft as a service”.

Brandon Kelly

September 19, 2019

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  1. • Lite edition • Subscriptions • Donations • User registration

    on checkout • Strong customer authentication
  2. Project Config allowAdminChanges setting Soft deletes storeUserIps setting Environmental CP

    settings disabledPlugins setting Garbage collection gc command System Messages utility index-assets command Cross-domain Live Preview update command Search keyword exclusion backup command Plugin editions restore command
  3. Draft autosave Multi-site element queries Multi-site drafts New table column

    types Preview targets Sortable custom fields Headless previewing Element index pagination Propagation methods Element exporting Temp Uploads Location maxRevisions setting Testing framework {% dd %} tag “Edit images” permission attr() fucntion “Impersonate users” permission withoutKey filter
  4. GraphQL API hiddenInput() function Built-in GraphiQL IDE input() function Headless

    Mode tag() function URL-less single sections attr filter Template block & macro profiling append filter Full stock trace views for admins prepend filter Environment variables in preview targets purgeStaleUserSessionDuration setting
  5. Accessibility • Full keyboard control • Mobile drag-n-drop • Better

    responsive table implementation • High contrast mode • Dark mode
  6. Content Modeling • Conditional fields • New UI elements in

    field layouts (Grid, Horizontal Rule, Field Set) • Nestable Matrix fields • Field instances
  7. Element Index Views • Replace current “element sources” • 100%

    user-defined • UI-defined element criteria • View modes (Table, Tree, Gallery, Calendar, and Board) • Access controls (Everyone, User Group, Private)
  8. To recap… • 3.1 – Project Config & soft deletes

    • 3.2 – Draft improvements & headless preview • 3.3 – GraphQL & Headless Mode • 4.0 – AX, accessibility, collaboration, & content modeling • Craft Cloud – Headless Craft as a service