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eXtreme Scrumban

eXtreme Scrumban

Extreme Programming, Scrum and Kanban. Will it blend?

Miguel Laginha

March 23, 2013

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  1. In order to solve <nightmare> team <regular people> at <regular

    company> draw inspiration from <set of guidelines>
  2. Questions Where are we now? When will it be done?

    Who is working on what? What should I be doing now?
  3. Scrumboard vs kanban board Product backlog Sprint backlog In progress

    Done Product backlog Sooner Standby Design phase Coding Testing Staging
  4. “It works by bringing the whole team together in the

    presence of simple practices, [...] and to tune the practices to their unique situation.”
  5. XP Customer tests Simple design Pair programming TDD Coding standards

    Collective ownership Refactoring Continuous integration
  6. All in all Scrum is all about structure Kanban is

    all about the process XP is all about good engineering
  7. How it works Structure: Make sure everyone knows their job

    Visualise: Make sure you see the big picture Learn & Apply: Make sure you work smart