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One.Stop.Transport presentation

One.Stop.Transport presentation

This presentation focuses on what the One.Stop.Transport platform is all about: open data, open standards, architecture, etc.

And it has a dark background.

Miguel Laginha

June 05, 2014

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  1. The IPN Mobility platform Miguel Laginha

  2. Instituto Pedro Nunes Coimbra, Portugal

  3. IPN in a nutshell Private non-profit Portuguese organisation Focused on

    technology transfer Comprises several R&D Labs and an award- winning startup incubator Lead promoter of an open data mobility platform
  4. One.Stop.Transport Currently hosted on www.ost.pt

  5. To aggregate open data and create services for 3rd party

    developers to create value.
  6. Workflow Aggregation and standardisation Data & services API design App

    store & app management
  7. Proprietary formats Standardisation GTFS feeds Data aggregation Data storage OpenStreetMap

    data GTFS-Realtime feeds Channel orchestration PubSub API REST API Javascript API Services API REST API Data API Data providers Journey planner One.Stop.Transport backend
  8. APIs Users Applications

  9. Open data Transportation Points of interest & events OpenStreetMaps

  10. Data standards GTFS GTFS-RT Datex2 POI W3C Open511 (in the

  11. Data API Static data Realtime data

  12. None
  13. None
  14. Data providers SMTUC (a Coimbra based mass transit agency) Carris

    (the main bus agency in Lisbon) CP (a major nationwide railroad agency) STCP (Oporto based mass transit agency)
  15. Data providers MoveAveiro (a mass transit agency from Aveiro) Transdev

    (a major nationwide intercity bus agency) Pictonio (a tourism events platform for Coimbra) BikeEmotion (a bike sharing system from Aveiro) Porto Digital (Oporto tourism open data)
  16. Services API Authentication Journey planner Webapp integration

  17. None
  18. None
  19. APIs Users Applications

  20. User focus Single user for all applications (OAuth2) Explicit authorisation

    for private data access Activity stream Notifications
  21. APIs Users Applications

  22. Marketplace (users) Search apps Install apps Execute apps

  23. Marketplace (devs) App development App publishing Documentation API explorer

  24. Marketplace (admin) Review & approval Access control Monitoring Billing (in

    the future)
  25. Applications Mobile web Native mobile (through link or binary upload)

  26. Web apps Hosted apps Packaged apps Client-side apps Hosting provided

    W3C open standards
  27. What it looks like..

  28. None
  29. None
  30. None
  31. Logical architecture

  32. Authentication & Authorization OAuth & user permissions Monitoring logs &

    tracking Notification push & pubsub Billing for paid apps Tourism data POI / events Mass transit data static GTFS format Route planning app & API Mass transit data GTFS-realtime data Traffic data Datex II data Backend Frontend App store & App management application catalog Developer wiki for developers Support forum for developers & users Contest management Dev challenge User management for users APIs Data API GTFS, POIs, etc. Style guides web app integration Services API web app integration OAuth API application auth Cartographic data OpenStreetMaps Social stream users' activity feed
  33. Developer support Backend area Developer wiki Helpdesk forum Github code

    Style guides Blog Twitter
  34. Links www developer github twitter blog support {}.ost.pt

  35. Currently feeding Moovit (mobile app) OpenTripPlanner for Android Rome2Rio Mapnificent

    Other local apps
  36. Thank you,