Building Your Docker Tech Stack

Building Your Docker Tech Stack

This session will focus on the practicals of building a fully-functional stack of container cluster tools, with different options for stacking those tools from the OS-up.

We’ve all seen examples of common technologies stacks, like the good ol’ LAMP and MEAN stacks for apps, but what about lower-level infrastructure? And can we get it without cloud vendor lock-in please? Oh and pure containers and infrastructure-as-code too?

With Docker, sure thing! This session will cover:

Which OS/Distro and Kernel to use
VM’s or Bare Metal
Recommended Swarm architectures
Tool stacks for “pure open source”, “cloud-service based”, and “Docker EE” scenarios
Demos of these tools working together including InfraKit, Docker, Swarm, Flow-Proxy, ELK, Prometheus, REX-Ray, and more.


Bret Fisher

June 13, 2018