Node.js Rocks in Docker for Dev and Ops

Node.js Rocks in Docker for Dev and Ops

From DockerCon 2019. Learn the best practices of managing Node and JavaScript projects when developing, testing, and operating containers from Docker Captain Bret Fisher, who's been building and deploying Node apps in containers since the early days of the Docker project.
This session will take you on a journey, starting with local development of Node and js-specific projects and how to optimize your Docker Desktop and Compose configs for "the best of both worlds" with js and Docker. You'll see examples of cutting edge features like macOS mind-mount performance enhancements, and multi-stage image targeting.
Then Bret will walk you through examples of optimizing your builds, testing, and CI/CD of Node with new features like test stages in multi-stage builds.
Finally, you'll get some examples around Node in production orchestration, and how you can optimize your cluster updates for zero-downtime scenarios on Kubernetes and Swarm using Node connection management techniques.
Node apps rock in containers, so come join Bret for a fun ride through the best parts and learn solutions for the problems that you'll need to solve along the way.


Bret Fisher

May 01, 2019