RubyConfBr 2015 - ChatOps in Ruby

2c8545cf821ed984bae91dcda758e105?s=47 Gabriel Mazetto
September 19, 2015

RubyConfBr 2015 - ChatOps in Ruby

While DevOps is greatly misunderstood by most modern startups and big cloud companies and ChatOps may even seem alien, it is in reality a simple and straightforward way to tackle complicated operational problems. It's very developer friendly, and can be done from the convenience of your company’s internal chat solution.

With ChatOps complex deployments can be triggered by anyone with the right permission, even designers, in a lower risk environment.

You will learn how ChatOps can help you and your company do Ops better, using Ruby and backed by RSpec tests.


Gabriel Mazetto

September 19, 2015