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Building Distributed Systems of People

Building Distributed Systems of People

Past a certain size, all teams become distributed. Whether it's across rooms, floors, or office locations, collaboration becomes harder as organizations grow. In this talk, Juan Pablo will cover the most important lessons he's learned while building distributed engineering teams for fast-growing startups, which you can apply today to improve the effectiveness of your teams, whether they're in the same city or not. 


Juan Pablo Buriticá

April 09, 2019


  1. building distributed systems of people juan pablo buriticá

  2. None
  3. all teams past a certain size become distributed

  4. why should you consider distributed teams?

  5. distributed teams are not better, they're different

  6. access to talent

  7. scalability

  8. representation

  9. cost

  10. how do you build and manage distributed teams?

  11. decentralized or hybrid?

  12. trust is not optional in distributed teams

  13. communication is fundamental

  14. explicit channels enable consistency and replication

  15. synchronous comms are best suited for collaboration and coordination

  16. asynchronous comms protect focus and enable eventual consistency

  17. encourage acknowledgement of communications

  18. whenever possible, keep comms accessible

  19. fault tolerance

  20. people don't read

  21. tools are your infrastructure

  22. invest in A/V software & equipment

  23. you'll need a chat, a forum, a wiki, a collab

    word processor and a project board
  24. you can use tools as interfaces within or between teams

  25. effective management routes, balances loads, and monitors your system

  26. standard practices make your system observable

  27. focus on the outcome of the practices, not the implementation

  28. culture is how you scale your behaviors

  29. in person time helps build strong relationships

  30. talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not Leila Janah

  31. thank you
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