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The Coding Chef: Optimizing Tools & Workflows

The Coding Chef: Optimizing Tools & Workflows

Public recipes are the original open source, and for hundreds of years cooks have not only shared their source but also built incredible schools in their kitchens. Cooks of all levels face the constant pressure of staying relevant, and just like the best engineers, they do this by doggedly practicing the basics while experimenting on the bleeding edge. In this talk, we’ll learn to stay relevant by looking at the surprising parallels between modern kitchens and effective engineering teams.

Juan Pablo Buriticá

March 02, 2018

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  1. to remain relevant professionals to improve ourselves to improve our

    product to work better with others to add value to our organizations
  2. - configure and tweak your editor - learn the keyboard

    shortcuts - keep and maintain your dot files
  3. …vim vs emacs vs sublime vs atom vs xcode vs

    netbeans vs textmate vs visual studio vs notepad++ vs coda vs eclipse…
  4. Deck Title Header MARCH 1, 2015 Confidential. Property of Ride

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  5. • knife • editor • sharp knife • knives •

    robot chopper • fast onion • mandolin • gramma’s recipe • sourdough • menu • tomatoes • prep • mise en place • communicate • supporting structures • justin cleaning • food inspection • tasting • learn to serve • cleanup IMAGE CREDITS