The Butterfly.js Effect

The Butterfly.js Effect

This talk was first presented at JSConf US 2018 in partnership with Julian Duque -

This talk will serve three purposes. First, it will tell the story of the creation of the JavaScript community in Colombia and its journey to becoming one of the largest Spanish-speaking JS communities in the world. It will highlight and explore the impact this community has had on the region, and how it set the stage for other communities to build upon. Finally, it will provide insight into the challenges of building a community in a developing nation where the tech ecosystem is not established, providing a summary of lessons learned which other communities in developing nations can use as a blueprint in their regions.

We aim to discuss starting meetups in cities or small towns, the impact of the JavaScript community on individuals including organizers, speakers, and attendees, creative sponsorship ideas, cost structures, financing challenges, diversity, inclusion and the use of international networks to support local initiatives.

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Juan Pablo Buriticá

August 23, 2018