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Technical Decision Making for Teams

Technical Decision Making for Teams

Juan Pablo shares lessons learned while implementing technical RFCs as a management tool in different sized organizations, going as far back as his first experiments delegating technical decision making while increasing visibility and take advantage of knowledge sharing for a 15-person distributed engineering team formed in less than a year. One year (and 10 new members) later, the team had produced about 60+ technical RFCs that were also used as onboarding material, documentation, and most importantly, interface design aids.

Juan Pablo Buriticá

June 26, 2017

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  1. TECH STARTUP - NYC The CEO of a young ridesharing

    company finds itself with the need of gathering DATA for a investors and its board. A member of the EXECUTIVE team hires a DATA SCIENTIST for this task, and then hands off relationship the relationship to the new VP of Engineering to make happen. DATA SCIENTIST I need servers, I must build a data warehouse like no one has ever seen. We’ll use Pig, Cassandra, Dynamo, Redshift and this data will be BIG! VP OF ENGINEERING I have been told you’re quite the expert, I imagine you will be running all of this yourself? DS (gasps) No! You must provide me with my resources! VP Meet Nondescript Engineer, they’ll help you setup whatever you need.
  2. A VIDEO CONFERENCE CALL - THE CLOUD After looking through

    the source code of the example dashboard, the frontend engineer complains in the private channel about his findings. The team requests an urgent team meeting with the VP OF ENGINEERING FRONTEND ENGINEER Did you know this was written in React??? VP OF ENGINEERING No, I did not. FE (rolling their eyes) Well, let us know when it's rewritten in Ember VP (hangs up call and withdraws to open office desk to meditate)
  3. My job: to enable my org to make the best

    decisions possible with the limited information available
  4. If I help engineers make the decisions I hired them

    for, the team becomes stronger* and we write better* software together