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bwd Digital Transformation

October 17, 2017


  1. What is Digital Transformation? The definition of digital transformation is

    the realignment of, or new investment in, technology, business models, and processes to drive new value for customers and employees and more effectively compete in an ever-changing digital economy Brian Solis Is this different from what we’ve been doing in the last 20 years?
  2. Top trends for Digital Transformation in 2017 1. Adaptability is

    more vital to success than ever 2. Growing importance of the user experience 3. Innovation must happen rapidly 4. Embrace the remote workforce 5. The advent of augmented reality and virtual reality 6. Application Program Interfaces (API) 7. Big Data and Analytics 8. Digital trasformation is driven by the Internet of Things 9. Smart machines and artificial intelligence are taking off in a big way 10.Destroying silos Source: Forbes – August 2016
  3. Business challenges we all face Can both be achieved together?

    Acquire, retain and grow customers or serve constituents Streamline operations to be more cost effective and compliant
  4. Customers demand timely engagement in the channel of their choice

    Enterprise systems were not build to accommodate Customer expectations have never been higher Think about the last time you… • Opened an account • Visited a healthcare provider • Signed up for benefits • Applied for a mortgage • Filed a claim • Enrolled in higher education ERP CRM ECM BPM
  5. Mobile has changed everything  Customers live in the always-on,

    app-driven world  Access to information and frictionless engagement must be delivered 24/7 across myriad touchpoints “By 2017, U.S. customers’ mobile engagement behavior will drive U.S. mobile commerce revenue to 50% of U.S. digital commerce revenue.” Mobile will affect more than just digital operations – it will transform your entire business.
  6. Optimize the customer experience during the entire journey Engage customers

    how, where and when they want Winning in the age of the customer Especially …
  7. Winning in the First Mile Capture their attention and impress

    – right from the start Speed and streamline initial information-intensive interactions, which are often manual, slow and error prone Make these interactions fast, easy and smart 1 2 3
  8. The cost of a poor First Mile experience Dissatisfaction Negative

    word-of-mouth Customer abandonment Lost revenue & brand erosion EXIT
  9. The reward of a successful First Mile Brand uplift Increased

    revenue Positive word-of-mouth Customer satisfaction
  10. We understand the “First Mile” challenges A gap exists between:

    LEGACY SYSTEMS Inward facing and used to manage business Focused on compliance and inflexible Expensive and time-consuming to change Systems of Record Responsive Friction free Any time Anywhere Any way CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS Systems of Engagement
  11. The solution: bridge the gap Kofax creates a better customer

    experience and improves business operations Connect customers via their preferred channel Systems of Engagement Systems of Record
  12. Start anywhere and evolve at your own pace IMPROVE Information

    Visibility Digitize information for better access and compliance ACHIEVE Operational Excellence Automate processes to greatly reduce costs INCREASE Customer Intimacy Establish new levels of engagement and collaboration DELIVER Enterprise Agility Radically transform and simplify the First Mile of customer interactions Business value stairway VALUE GOAL
  13. With Kofax… Bridge the gap between systems of record and

    systems of engagement 1 2 3 Leverage a unified technology platform that speeds digital transformation and enhances customer engagement Realize progressive business value as you increase enterprise agility
  14. Why Kofax? Platform for Digital Transformation Deep Industry Expertise Global

    Reach and Financial Stability Flexible Deployment