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CADDi HCMC Technology Center

CADDi HCMC Technology Center

[email protected]

May 11, 2022

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  1. Company Overview Name CADDi Inc. Management Yushiro Kato(CEO) / Aki

    Kobashi (CTO) Founded 2017 Capital Fund 100 Million Yen (including capital reserve, 9.93 billion yen) Employees 308 (as of Mar/2022) Office Tokyo, JAPAN
  2. Market Procurement NO innovation Manufacturing Distribution Design CAD/CAE Automation and

    robotization AI and big data Gross production volume in Japan: 1.8 trillion USD 1.2 trillion USD The procurement market has had very little innovation in the last century.
  3. Business Models CADDi strives to create a world that can

    realize each manufacturer’s strength to create a flat, non-hierarchical relationship between customers and manufacturers. Matching only Matching only reduces costs for finding a manufacturer, but not costs associated with negotiation and supervision. Semi-fabless manufacturer Able to reducing transaction costs for customers and manufacturers by mediating the transaction itself Mechanical drawing data 2 ・Reduced labor in procurement ・Cost savings ・Stable prices and delivery times Customers ・No estimation ・Logical costing ・Stable sales Optimized purchasing and manufacturing Automatic cost estimation algorithm 1 Inspection, quality assurance, and product delivery 3 CADDi Manufacturers MERIT MERIT
  4. Supply chain management Platform & Product The development of software

    solutions to manage and utilize information that has traditionally been exchanged via methods such as fax and postal services. Manufacturing platform Cost estimation Mechanical drawing management Data exchange with partners
  5. To be a global platform We strive to expand the

    scope of our services around our ordering platform, and build a platform that can deliver value across the globe. Drawing 3D data conversion Automatic estimation system Finance CAD design optimizati on Drawing and BOM manageme nt   ERP and accounting Web CAD CAM Material procure- ment Real-time ordering Production and delivery management Overseas procurement and distribution Catalog raw material procurement Smart factory and IoT Catalog part procurement Project management Logistics optimization Used machinery sales Ordering Global Platform
  6. Technology Stack Selection of technologies to increase developer productivity (e.g.

    utilizing statically typed languages) FRONTEND ・TypeScript ・React ・Next.js ・Apollo Client ・Recoil ・styled-components ・Storybook ・Jest ・Lerna BFF ・TypeScript ・Node.js ・NestJS ・Apollo Server BACKEND ・Rust ・diesel ・tonic ・Kotlin ・Micronaut ・Python ALGORITHM ・Rust ・Python ・WebAssembly ・PyTorch ・LightGBM ・Opensearch ・VertexAI ・Image Processing ・Data Science ・OCR GraphQL gRPC Infrastructure GCP, Kubernetes, BigQuery, Redash, Cloudflare, Datadog, MixPanel Event Bus Cloud Pub/Sub, RabbitMQ DevOps GitHub, GitHub Actions, CircleCI, ArgoCD, Kustomize, Helm, Terraform
  7. 10 Rapid growth of order and supply platforms Orders received

    Steady expansion of processing types enables us to provide higher added value. Composition Ratio % 
 over 6 times Proc. Type A Proc. Type B Proc. Type C Proc. Type D Proc. Type E Proc. Type F Expansion 2021 2020 2019 2018 year-on-year
  8. Company Overview • Name CADDI VIETNAM COMPANY LIMITED • Founded

    21 March 2022 • Employees 3 (as of Apr/2022) • Office 25th Floor, Lim Tower, No. 9-11 Ton Duc Thang Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City (temporary office space)
  9. HCM Technology Center • CADDi's first software development site outside

    of Japan • We will develop software to support CADDi's business. ◦ We don’t do contact work, but focus on in-house product development ◦ It is not a subsidiary of the Tokyo technology division but an independent software development group collaborating with each other • Project domains ◦ Manufacturing order management platform ◦ Drawing management SaaS product ◦ Research and development of computer vision and machine learning ◦ Data engineering ◦ Platform engineering
  10. Mission of HCM Technology Center 1. Collaborating with the development

    group in Tokyo, we develop and deliver software for global use 2. Working with CADDi VIETNAM business group, we develop and deliver software for the business in Vietnam HCM TEC TYO TEC CADDI VIETNAM Business Group 1. Software for global use 2. Software for local business support
  11. Growth Plan Tokyo HCMC Now (Apr 2022) Apr 2023 ~

    50 ~ 110 1 ~ 25 Other sites (?) ~ ? It could be somewhere in Vietnam or another country.
  12. Technology Stack Based on the tech stack used by the

    Tokyo tech division, we will agressively incorporate new technologies as they emerge
  13. Call for participation We are looking for talented engineers and

    managers who are interested in building a software team from scratch Open Positions • Backend Engineer • Frontend Engineer • Data Engineer • Algorithm Engineer (for computer vision) • Machine Learning Engineer • Data Engineer • Platform Engineer • Scrum Master • Product Manager • Engineering Manager