Keeping Subscribers Engaged in Your Design System

Keeping Subscribers Engaged in Your Design System

There’s no denying the valuable powerhouse potential of well thought-out design systems. They can provide live, interactive examples of often used components, assist the rapid build of new pages and applications, and ensure brand consistency by providing stable “trickle-down” CSS changes. A design system (or “style guide” or “pattern library”) can change the way a large team builds the web.

But what about the difficulties of a mature design system? Nearly two years and three major versions since beta, the enterprise design system I’ve spent the past 18 months working on still faces the same question: “How do we encourage people to keep using our design system?”

In this session, we’ll go over some tips and technologies to to keep subscribers engaged in our design systems after adoption and as the system grows. We’ll Discuss:

* Identifying pressure points of subscribers and creating solid solves
* Finding an avenue for funding your design system team
* Building feedback into your process
* Treating your design system as a fully functional, marketed product
* Iterating to minimize the guesswork and make educated choices
* Staying up to date, integrated, and useful to the entire team

This session is for you if….
* You are currently part of a design system team,
* You are currently part of a team implementing a design system,
* You are thinking about becoming either of the above,
* You have ever struggled to get buy-in for your ideas, or
* You really, really want people to like the thing you built.


Catherine Meade

April 09, 2019