RubyConf 2018 Psychology of Fake News

045d790f605ea8d482380c5075d802d5?s=47 Cecy C.
November 13, 2018

RubyConf 2018 Psychology of Fake News

Fake news spread six times faster in social media than true stories. As technologists, our industry has built the tools that enable the spread of disinformation across social, the web, and beyond. But fake news is nothing new, it has been a part of each advancement in the technology that powers the spread of information, from the printing press to blogging. What makes fake news so appealing? Is it a tech problem or a human problem? In this talk, I will explain the psychology that makes fake news appealing to our brain, and what technology can learn about this psychology to build better tools.


Cecy C.

November 13, 2018