The Joy of CSS: RailsConf 2019

045d790f605ea8d482380c5075d802d5?s=47 Cecy C.
April 30, 2019

The Joy of CSS: RailsConf 2019

“I try to avoid it” or “just use !important” are things I hear developers say when it comes to CSS. Writing CSS that yields beautiful websites is an art, just as writing well-organized, reusable CSS is a science. In this talk, we’ll mix both art and science to level up your knowledge of CSS. We’ll revisit the basics to build a stronger CSS foundation. Then, we’ll step it up to SCSS, Flex, and pseudo-classes to build more advanced logic. And lastly, we’ll take a peek at what’s coming next with CSS Variables, Grid, and Houdini. By the end of the talk, you’ll be excited to work on CSS again!


Cecy C.

April 30, 2019