Vulnerability True: Surviving Brutal Code Reviews and Tech Interviews

Vulnerability True: Surviving Brutal Code Reviews and Tech Interviews

Let's talk about vulnerability in tech. Two aspects of our careers in which we're the most vulnerable are code reviews and tech interviews.

We’ve all been there: getting ripped apart in a pull request or having a really bad tech interview. Those are times we can feel at our most vulnerable, especially if the experience is particularly negative. These events cause us to doubt our abilities, make us question our career choices, and in some cases, lead some to leave the industry altogether due to burnout. How do we protect ourselves through these vulnerable events?

In this talk, I will give actionable feedback on how to improve our collective code review and tech interview experience.

We'll learn how to write bullet-proof pull requests to minimize unproductive feedback, and how to talk to your manager or teammates about improving the code review process.

We'll also cover how to prepare yourself both technically and mentally for technical interviews, and how to deal with the fallback of a negative tech interview in ways that are productive and healing for you.


Cecy C.

June 08, 2019