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"Help Me, OKR Kenobi: OKRs Explained Through Star Wars"

"Help Me, OKR Kenobi: OKRs Explained Through Star Wars"

Is your team having trouble understanding OKRs?

Try it with the Emperor as CEO and Darth Vader as his direct report.

Andrew Cedotal

January 21, 2019

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  1. Help Me, OKR Kenobi! OKRs explained through Star Wars By

    Andrew Cedotal (andrew.cedotal@gmail.com)
  2. What are OKRs? OKRs are goals that you set based

    on your manager’s goals.
  3. When to use OKRs? In organizations where managers know what

    needs to happen… ...but their reports know how to make it happen.
  4. Organization-wide Goal: Conquer the Galaxy

  5. The organization-wide goal has sub-goals...

  6. ...and each sub-goal is assigned to a specific direct report.

  7. So what makes a good goal?

  8. Can we make this measurable? How about... #1: Measurable.

  9. Yep, sounds like that supports “Conquer the Galaxy!” #1: Measurable.

  10. Can we make this both measurable AND ambitious? How about...

    #2: Ambitious.
  11. Hey, that would get us really close to conquering the

    galaxy! #2: Ambitious.
  12. As your head of weapons research, I propose we rewrite

    this as.... #3: Mostly written by you, not a manager.
  13. Oh, wow, a PLANET-DESTROYING Death Star? Good rewrite; that is

    way better. #3: Mostly written by you, not a manager.
  14. Keep breaking it down. Stop when you get to individual

  15. Here’s the key: Your Objectives ARE your manager’s Key Results.

    OKRs are recursive, so everyone is synced around company-wide goals.
  16. Questions? I’m andrew.cedotal@gmail.com, @cedotal on Twitter.