Medical Cannabis: Life cannot wait!

Medical Cannabis: Life cannot wait!


Cheesecake Labs

December 18, 2019


  1. Medical Cannabis Life cannot wait

  2. Medical Cannabis

  3. • About the plant and its properties • The medical

    use and different approaches for this purpose • The current situation in Brazil and what comes next Medical Cannabis
  4. Oldest evidence of marijuana use was discovered in 2500-year-old cemetery

    in peaks of western China
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  14. But how about the medical use?

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  16. A wide variety of patients with different health condition seek

    help through cannabis-based medicine or the consumption of the plant through oil extractions, edibles and smoking. Most relevant for us today: Epilepsy Seizures Chronic pain The most common diseases treated by cannabis
  17. Legal status of cannabis possession for medical use Legal as

    authorized by a physician Legal for any use
  18. We are moving ahead on the development of medical usage

    of cannabis; But we are in a very sensitive moment of history; Lives depend on this decision and as a society we need to give people the right to access the medication that they need. And how about Cannabis in Brazil?
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  26. Camila Guedes - activist for medical cannabis

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  29. We have to fight for it Even if you don't

    need to take any medication based on cannabis right now, you are still part of this. We need to separate the medical use from recreational use. People should have the right to know about the properties of cannabis and they should also have a safe access to this plant when their life is threatened by a physical condition