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An Atypical 'Performance' Talk

An Atypical 'Performance' Talk

A mixture of a talk on programming and a live classical music recital. Listen to a former-orchestral-clarinetist-turned-developer talk about parallelisms between music performance and programming - such as complexity, imposter syndrome, and true concentration - with live performances throughout!

Chris Arcand

October 27, 2017

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  1. An Atypical ‘Performance’ Talk Chris Arcand
 chrisarcand chrisarcand www.chrisarcand.com

 mvt. III
 Igor Stravinsky

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  8. (picture of concert hall)

  9. Handling

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  12. “Playing the clarinet is easy.” - Burt Hara

  13. Complexity is on a relative scale

  14. Don’t let initial complexity scare you from diving in.

  15. Capriccio for solo clarinet in A (1946)
 Heinrich Sutermeister (1910-1995)

    (cuts added by C. Arcand for time constraints)
  16. Concentration

  17. “In the zone.”

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  19. None
  20. Maintaining concentration (deep work) is

  21. Balance & Quality

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  25. Five Pieces for solo clarinet (1959)
 IV. Singing
 William O.

    Smith (1926-)
  26. Hero Worship & Imposter Syndrome

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  28. Your heroes are normal people.

  29. Your heroes don’t have some super power that makes them

    super amazing.
  30. Your heroes are not inherently better than you and understand

    things that you never will.
  31. Your heroes have simply(!) learned how to handle complexity, concentrate

    deeply, and balance themselves so as to create quality work that you admire.
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  34. • Handling complexity • Concentrating (working deeply) • Maintaining balance

    • Understanding your heroes • Dealing with imposter syndrome
 and so much more…
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  36. Tango Etudes for solo flute (1987)
 Etude No. 3. Molto

    marcato e energico
 Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992)
  37. Thank you! chrisarcand chrisarcand www.chrisarcand.com