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CGO'22 Tutorial Welcome

CGO'22 Tutorial Welcome

Chris Cummins

March 24, 2022

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    Leather https://chriscummins.cc/cgo22-compilergym-tutorial Mostafa Elhoushi
  2. Provide a gentle introduction to compiler optimization problems. Understand the

    features and APIs of CompilerGym. "Zero to RL" in fewer than three hours. Objectives https://compilergym.ai
  3. People interested in compiler optimizations. {students, academics, practitioners}. No Machine

    Learning knowledge assumed! Who is it for https://compilergym.ai
  4. Watch the introductory videos. Follow along the lab notebooks. Requirements:

    a browser and internet connection. Hang out with us in Zoom! Offline support: How it works https://compilergym.ai https://github.com/facebookresearch/CompilerGym/issues