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Unit-Testing in Angular mit Jest

Unit-Testing in Angular mit Jest

Unit-Tests sind ein hervorragendes Mittel, um (kritische) Funktionalität einer Anwendung automatisiert und schnell überprüfen zu lassen. Das SPA-Framework Angular liefert mit Karma von vornherein eine Testunterstützung mit. Mit Facebooks Jest gibt es jedoch ein weiteres Framework, das unter anderem mit paralleler Testausführung lockt.

In diesem Webinar zeigt Ihnen Christian Liebel, wie Sie Ihre Angular-App mithilfe von Jest testen können. Nachdem wir zu Beginn ein gemeinsames Verständnis zum Thema Unit Tests geschaffen haben, werden wir uns abschließend auch fortgeschrittenen Inhalten wie Spys und Mocks nähern.


Christian Liebel

February 03, 2021


  1. Angular Unit Testing with Jest Christian Liebel @christianliebel Consultant

  2. 1. Testing Overview 2. Unit Testing Basics 3. Jest vs.

    Karma/Jasmine 4. Testing with Jest 5. Spies & Mocks 6. E2E Tests Overview Angular Unit Testing Agenda
  3. Test Types End-to-end Tests (~ 1000 ms, 10%) Acceptance tests

    simulating a real user Integration Tests (~ 100 ms, 20%) Tests the integration of different modules Unit Tests (~ 10 ms, 70 %) Tests a class, method or algorithm Angular Unit Testing Testing Overview
  4. Test-Driven Development First, write your test (= requirements!) See it

    failing Next, write the minimum required implementation to fulfill the test See your test turn green (Refactor) Repeat Angular Unit Testing Unit Testing Basics
  5. Brownfield Testing Use Extract Method refactoring to… - reduce complexity

    of large methods (target method length: 7±2 lines) - avoid more than one nesting/indent level Move large blocks of code in own files or services (target file length: ±100 lines) Angular Unit Testing Unit Testing Basics
  6. A-TRIP Pattern Unit Tests should be… - Automatic (no user

    interaction required) - Thorough (test critical functionality) - Repeatable (repeated execution leads to same result) - Independent (order does not matter) - Professional (test code doesn’t test itself) Angular Unit Testing Unit Testing Basics
  7. Unit Testing Support Unit Tests (~ 10 ms, 70 %)

    Tests a class, method or algorithm Integration Tests (~ 100 ms, 20%) Tests the integration of different modules End-to-end Tests (~ 1000 ms, 10%) Acceptance tests simulating a real user Angular Unit Testing Angular
  8. Unit Testing Support Angular CLI schematics automatically create a test

    specification file (*.spec.ts) for each generated unit. Angular Unit Testing Angular
  9. Angular’s Default Testing System - Does not require additional project

    configuration - Requires a browser (e.g. Chrome Headless for CI environments) - Tests run sequentially Angular Unit Testing Karma & Jasmine
  10. Test runner Angular Unit Testing Jest - Fast: Tests run

    in parallel - Easy CI setup: No browser required (JSDom) - Setup: ng add @briebug/jest-schematic - Jasmine BDD testing framework is mostly compatible with Jest - Migration: npx jest-codemods
  11. Introduction https://jestjs.io/docs/en/getting-started Angular Unit Testing Jest

  12. Simple Test describe("A suite is just a function", () =>

    { let a; test("and so is a spec", () => { a = true; expect(a).toBe(true); }); }); Angular Unit Testing Jest
  13. AAA Pattern Arrange const x = …; Act const result

    = sut.myTestMethod(x); Assert expect(result).toBeDefined(); Angular Unit Testing Unit Tests
  14. Matchers expect(123).toBe(123); expect({ foo: 123 }).toEqual({ foo: 123 }); expect([1,

    2, 3]).toContain(3); expect(false).toBeFalsy(); expect(1).toBeTruthy(); expect(null).toBeNull(); expect(undefined).toBeUndefined(); expect(999).toBeDefined(); expect(() => method()).toThrow(); Angular Unit Testing Jest
  15. Suggestion describe('FooService', () => { describe('method', () => { test('should

    do this', () => {}); test('should do that', () => {}); }); }); - 1 suite per class - 1 suite per method - n tests (use “should” and prevent “and”) Angular Unit Testing Jest
  16. Setup/Teardown Run before/after each test in this suite beforeEach afterEach

    Run before/after all tests in this suite beforeAll afterAll Angular Unit Testing Jest
  17. Excluding/including tests Exclude this test (suite) describe.skip test.skip Only include

    this test (suite) describe.only test.only Angular Unit Testing Jest
  18. Test Reminders Remind me to write a test test.todo Angular

    Unit Testing Jest
  19. Unit Testing Commands Unit Tests (Karma/Jest) npm test ng test

    ng t End-to-end Tests (Protractor) ng e2e ng e Angular Unit Testing Angular
  20. Angular Unit Testing DEMO: Testing Angular Pipes

  21. Repetitive tests test.each` a | b | expected ${1} |

    ${1} | ${2} ${1} | ${2} | ${3} ${2} | ${1} | ${3} `('returns $expected when $a is added $b', ({a, b, expected}) => { expect(a + b).toBe(expected); }); Angular Unit Testing Jest https://jestjs.io/docs/en/api#testeachtablename-fn-timeout
  22. Mock Functions const mock = jest.fn(x => 42 + x);

    // The mock function is called twice expect(mockCallback.mock.calls.length).toBe(2); // The first argument of the second call to the function was 1 expect(mockCallback.mock.calls[1][0]).toBe(1); Angular Unit Testing Jest https://jestjs.io/docs/en/mock-functions
  23. Spies jest.spyOn(existingObject, 'existingFunction'); // spyOn also calls the function, alternatives:

    // jest.spyOn(/* … */).mockImplementation(() => 42); // existingObject['existingFunction'] = jest.fn(() => 42); expect(existingObject.existingFunction).toHaveBeenCalled(); // optional: toHaveBeenCalledWith(arg1, arg2) // optional: toHaveBeenCalledTimes(4) Angular Unit Testing Jest
  24. Basics // Creating mock let mockedFoo:Foo = mock(Foo); // Getting

    instance from mock let foo:Foo = instance(mockedFoo); // Using instance in source code foo.getBar(5); // Explicit, readable verification verify(mockedFoo.getBar(5)).called(); Angular Unit Testing ts-mockito https://www.npmjs.com/package/ts-mockito
  25. Stubbing Method Calls // Creating mock let mockedFoo:Foo = mock(Foo);

    // stub method before execution when(mockedFoo.getBar(3)).thenReturn('three'); // Getting instance let foo:Foo = instance(mockedFoo); // prints three console.log(foo.getBar(3)); Angular Unit Testing ts-mockito https://www.npmjs.com/package/ts-mockito
  26. AAA Pattern & Mocks Arrange const x = …; Setup

    when(mock.myOtherMethod).thenReturn(3); Act const result = sut.myTestMethod(x); Assert expect(result).toBeDefined(); Verify verify(mock.myOtherMethod).called(); Angular Unit Testing Unit Tests
  27. Angular Unit Testing DEMO: Mocking Dependencies

  28. Testing Utilities: TestBed describe('Component: Login', () => { beforeEach(() =>

    { TestBed.configureTestingModule({ declarations: [LoginComponent], providers: [AuthService] }); }); }); Angular Unit Testing Angular https://codecraft.tv/courses/angular/unit-testing/angular-test-bed/
  29. Angular Unit Testing DEMO: Using the TestBed

  30. Snapshot Testing test('should create the app', () => { const

    fixture = TestBed.createComponent(AppComponent); expect(fixture).toMatchSnapshot(); }); Angular Unit Testing Jest <h1>Hallo</h1> <h1>Hxllo</h1>
  31. Angular Unit Testing DEMO: Snapshot Testing

  32. Test Harnesses test('should mark confirmed when ok button clicked', async

    () => { const okButton = await loader.getHarness(MatButtonHarness.with({selector: '.confirm'}); expect(fixture.componentInstance.confirmed).toBe(false); expect(await okButton.isDisabled()).toBe(false); await okButton.click(); expect(fixture.componentInstance.confirmed).toBe(true); }); https://material.angular.io/guide/using-component-harnesses Angular Unit Testing Angular
  33. Testing Utilities: fakeAsync describe('this test', () => { test('looks async

    but is synchronous', fakeAsync((): void => { let flag = false; setTimeout(() => { flag = true; }, 100); expect(flag).toBe(false); tick(50); expect(flag).toBe(false); tick(50); expect(flag).toBe(true); })); }); Angular Unit Testing Angular https://angular.io/api/core/testing/fakeAsync
  34. Testing Utilities: HttpTestingController https://www.techiediaries.com/angular-testing-httptestingcontroller/ Angular Unit Testing Angular

  35. Test Watcher npm test -- --watch npm test -- --watch-all

    Angular Unit Testing Jest
  36. Code Coverage npm test -- --coverage Code coverage provided by

    Istanbul Coverage metadata written to coverage folder Code coverage policy: ~ 80% Angular Unit Testing Angular
  37. Protractor Open-source Provided by the Angular team http://www.protractortest.org/ Angular Unit

    Testing E2E Tests
  38. Alternatives Cypress https://www.cypress.io/ DevExpress TestCafé https://devexpress.github.io/testcafe/ Angular Unit Testing E2E

  39. Thank you for your kind attention! Christian Liebel @christianliebel christian.liebel@thinktecture.com