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Hackers and Painters

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April 25, 2020

Hackers and Painters



April 25, 2020


  1. “Hackers and Painters” ʲॳࢀՃ׻ܴʳWebΤϯδχΞษڧձinVR ୈ1ճ ʲYouTube Live͋Γʳ kkeeth @kuwahara_jsri @clown0082

  2. About me const my_info = { Workplace: ‘Yumemi Inc’, Position1:

    ‘Servant Leader of FET’, Position2: ‘A board member’, Community: ‘Riot.js, Ionic, DIST’, PokemonGO: ‘TL40’ }
  3. npm/~kkeeth

  4. github.com/riot

  5. Sorry … This slide is made in English. But I’m

    unfamiliar using English. So, I may have a wrong expression. Plz feedback for me called “Masakari” about my English!!
  6. Hackers and Painters

  7. author: Paul Graham HP: http://www.paulgraham.com/ ɾList Programmer, Essayist ɾFounded Viaweb(Yahoo!

    store) ɾworking on a new Lisp dialect, “Arc”
  8. author: Paul Graham HP: http://www.paulgraham.com/ Lisp is the BEST language

  9. details of this book

  10. ⚠ Attention ⚠

  11. Hackers ≠ Crackers

  12. This book is a compilation of blogs and essays he

    wrote for 5 years.
  13. for business/design latter half formar half for programming(Lisp)

  14. Contents(extract) Good design, Education, Philosophy Wealth/Fortune, Money, Programming, algorithm, Lisp,

    Lisp, Lisp, Painting,
  15. What kind of persons are recommended this book?

  16. See ourselves objectively Get tips on how to think and

    interact Programmer Manager, Director, Business, Designer…
  17. maxims

  18. “Wealth is not synonymous with money. Wealth is as old

    as the history of mankind, or rather, it may be said, older than that. Even ants have wealth. Money (money) is a relatively recent invention.” (wealth ≠ money)
  19. “Wealth is a more fundamental thing. Wealth is what we

    want, food, clothes, housing, cars, tools, trips to places of interest, that sort of thing. Even if you don't have money, you can have wealth.” (wealth ≠ money)
  20. “Wealth is what we want, not money. Money is one

    way to move wealth, and in reality, it's usually interchangeable with wealth. But the two are different things.”
  21. “We have to design in a way that pleases the

    user. Once you acquire users, it all follows. Without users, no one cares how true to the mainstream the technology choices are.” (for design)
  22. “Note that I said "needs" rather than "wants. A designer's

    job is not like a cook who makes something right away, even if the customer says so. I'm sure it depends on the field of art, but I don't think the best work in any field is done by people who just do what the customer asks them to do.” (the best work)
  23. “The reason oil painting was so enthusiastically embraced when it

    became widespread in the 15th century was because it allowed the final work to be made straight from the prototype. Of course, we can write drafts, but there's no reason to stop there. We can take that (the prototype) and detail it and bring it to the final product. I think this should be done whenever possible. This way we can add new ideas as we go along, and most importantly, we can keep the morale up.” (about prototype)
  24. in conclusion

  25. Whether it's an algorithm or a painting, good design will

    last forever In conclusion
  26. Have a nice life

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