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The results and learning of one year of referrals adoption

January 15, 2020

The results and learning of one year of referrals adoption


January 15, 2020

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  1. The results and learning of one year of referrals adoption

    kkeeth @kuwahara_jsri @clown0082 Jan 15, 2020 ୈ5ճ స৬ಁ໌ԽΒ΅-ϦϑΝϥϧ࠾༻ฤ
  2. I feel indebted to Yumemi Company and wanna repay something

    in return. That’s all.
  3. About me const my_info = { Workplace: ‘Yumemi Inc’, Position:

    ‘Servant Leader of FET’, Community: ‘Riot.js, Ionic, DIST’, PokemonGO: ‘TL40’ }
  4. npm/~k-kuwahara

  5. github.com/riot

  6. ⚠ Attention ⚠ Today’s my talk is the content of

    this note.md article. ॳ୅ϦΫϧʔτΞχϚϧ Λड৆͕ͨ͠ɺ۩ମతʹԿΛͨ͠ͷ͔ʁ https://note.com/clown0082/n/nf4047f735b96
  7. about my way of thinking

  8. When join a company, then I love the company I

    very much appreciate I’m the one of web developers, but not just web developer. stats my action
  9. What can I web developer do?

  10. members are capital a consignment company technologies are capital

  11. That's it! Let’s recruiting a good developers!

  12. 2019ɿ 923,237 persons/ 268,655 supplies 2020ɿ 923,002 persons/ 293,499 supplies

    the population forecas of developers
  13. Director/ Executive (10%) Leader/Manager/EM (40%) Developer (50%) comparison with me

    First/Resume (30%) ɹɹFinal ɹɹ(50%) job offer ratio promise of employment of developer Second (30%)
  14. Action. 1 Let's talk at many study groups

  15. ɾWe want to hire web developers ɾDevelopers are many in

    study groups ɾAdvertise name “Yumemi” at a study groups
  16. talked 32 times, both inside and outside casual interview over

    20 times support for recruiting probably 8 times stats my action
  17. in the first place

  18. Do you know YUMEMI ?

  19. None
  20. None
  21. Action. 2 Steady recruiting activities

  22. “How about a Yumemi?”

  23. in some cases

  24. a story is based

  25. “ I’ll have a SONY, please ” “ SONY is

    a radio, isn’t it? ”
  26. As a result

  27. Do you know YUMEMI ?

  28. None
  29. comparison with me Up to 70%

  30. direct referral adoption 2 people indirect referral adoption 3 people

    (I got a special reward, but taxes …) only my actual result as a result
  31. The people in charge of HR is so amazing HR

    is so responsible but really fun for me!! Company’s support is required Referral adoption is likely to reduce costs learning via recruiting
  32. Let’s create best team for you!!

  33. Publicity

  34. We’re hiring web develops!!

  35. There are funny system ‣ Decide our salary by ourself

    ‣ Unlimited paid leave ‣ All members are CEO
  36. None