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What should We do for front-end testing?

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November 30, 2019

What should We do for front-end testing?



November 30, 2019


  1. What should We do for front-end testing? kkeeth @kuwahara_jsri @clown0082

    Nov 30, 2019 γεςϜςετࣗಈԽΧϯϑΝϨϯε2019
  2. Is there anyone who has never written front-end test code

  3. Why don’t you write test codes?

  4. Bugs… Errors… Degrades…

  5. Sorry, but it's not over ... When will it finish?

  6. So, I recommend writing the test

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  9. What should we do for front-end testing?

  10. css stylings… Pages… State… Labels… UI components… Logics…

  11. For now, let's study front-end test tools.

  12. None
  13. None
  14. select one framework… write, write, write!!

  15. Once again, What should we do for front-end testing?

  16. UI components stylings? UI components attributes or data sets? HTML

    integrity after the event? Data integrity after store processing? Originally generated helpers, plugins, etc.? The codes related to business logic Points to be tested
  17. sample test code of UI component

  18. sample test code of UI component

  19. Maybe, there all are corrects. If you could, you should

    test these points
  20. But, I found a great standard when I was investigating…

  21. Testing Trophy

  22. quote source:

  23. Wait a minute. You only talk to JS tests, right?

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  26. Have a nice test and have a nice developer life!!

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