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ReBuild 19 - Boost your opensource project

ReBuild 19 - Boost your opensource project

Christopher MANEU

October 03, 2019

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  1. Boost your opensource project Christopher MANEU Azure Engineer & Advocate

    @ Microsoft R&D @cmaneu (with a little help from @juliendubois)
  2. @cmaneu Documentation 101 ❑ LICENSE.md ❑ README.md ❑ CONTRIBUTING.md ❑

    CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md ❑ Issue Templates ❑ Pull request templates https://github.com/todogroup/repolinter
  3. @cmaneu Automate your builds & releases Azure Pipelines Free unlimited

    build minutes for public projects Up to 10 free parallel jobs across Windows, Linux and macOS https://aka.ms/rebuild19/pipelines https://aka.ms/rebuild19/learn-pipelines
  4. @cmaneu Automate your dependency updates Dependabot Check for updates Opens

    pull requests with fixes. Works with npm, pip, composer, docker images, nuget, … Free https://aka.ms/rebuild19/dependabot
  5. @cmaneu In short ❑ Create a Twitter account ❑ Craft

    a great readme with clear value proposition ❑ Go where your community is ❑ Encourage to contribute in ALL areas (documentation, design, events, …) ❑ Get the right documentation ❑ Automate build & test to help merge pull requests quicker ❑ Automate dependency updates & security checks ❑ Automate communication & release management ❑ Create a project appealing for the future users