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Wish List for WatchKit

Wish List for WatchKit


Apple introduced WatchKit in November and developers have been abuzz building the first versions of their apps for the Apple Watch. WatchKit supports building interactive notifications, glances, extensions. WatchKit extensions are not as powerful as fully native apps can be on the Apple Watch, but they are still flexible enough to keep developers busy for the initial launch.

This talk will recap what we’ve been able to build using WatchKit and also take a look forward to what we hope to see in the native Apple Watch SDK expected to be introduced at WWDC. By now we’ve seen many examples of excellent WatchKit extensions. We’ll discuss some of the innovative techniques developers have found to build amazing experiences using this initial toolset, and how things may change with access to a native SDK.

The Apple Watch is the most personal computer that Apple has ever made and it’s going to require a change in our thinking about how we approach building personal software. We’ll be thinking about how to tailor our approach to software design towards these new devices and how we hope to build great experiences with access to things like the accelerometer, heart rate sensor, taptic engine, and digital crown.

Conrad Stoll

May 22, 2015

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