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Xcode Gems - Loving the most hated IDE again

Xcode Gems - Loving the most hated IDE again

Xcode is probably the most hated IDE out there.
Programming in any language start with an IDE. Getting to know your IDE makes you productive - so in this talk I'll go back to basics. I'm here to show you how to make Xcode awesome again. I'll talk about setting up Xcode to fit your needs to make you work faster. Keybindings, behaviors, breakpoints, snippets, build phases, themes, Source Editor Extensions and add some external tools like SwiftLint and depcheck to fill in Xcode's blanks.


October 19, 2016

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  1. Xcode Hidden Gems Loving the most hated IDE again (Or

    bending Xcode to your will) © Sidney de Koning, 2016
  2. Topics • Keybindings • Themes & Fonts • Behaviours •

    Breakpoints • Search • Snippets & Text expanding • Source Editor Extension (Plugins) • External tools: SwiftLint & depcheck © Sidney de Koning, 2016
  3. Keybindings The Most essential ones: ⌘⇧O - Quick Open File

    ⌘t - new tab ⌘0 / ⌘⌥0 - toggle left/right panel ⌘⌥↩ / ⌘↩ - Split Code / Single code View ⌘⇧Y - toggle console ⌘⇧J - Jump to current file ⌘⌥⇧F - Find and Replace all in Workspace. ⌘G - Cycle search results ctrl⌘J - Look at header / implementation ⌘[ or ⌘] - Move line [up/down]. Demo! More here cheatsheetapp.com © Sidney de Koning, 2016
  4. Search • Find text, references and definitions • Delete results

    with backspace, so less clutter Demo! © Sidney de Koning, 2016
  5. Fonts Use a font that is readable. Maybe one that

    uses ligatures? • Fira Code • Monoid • Hasklig • Fixedsys More on programmingfonts.org/list Demo! © Sidney de Koning, 2016
  6. Breakpoints • User breakpoints (for all projects) • Project breakpoints

    Path: ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/UserData/xcdebugger Demo! © Sidney de Koning, 2016
  7. Snippets - Text expanding • Native to macOS (Preferences +

    Edit 㱺 Format 㱺 Substitutions) • Xcode - Drag drop code to create snippet • Snippets can be shared in team. Path: ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/UserData/CodeSnippets Demo! © Sidney de Koning, 2016
  8. Snippet Sharing cd ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/UserData rm -R CodeSnippets ln -s {location_of_repo}/ios_codesnippets

    CodeSnippets Full explanation bit.ly/xcsnippets © Sidney de Koning, 2016
  9. The End. Thank you! All code will be on github.com/funky-monkey/XcodeGemsTalk

    Contact me via Twitter: @sidneydekoning @iheartswiftlang © Sidney de Koning, 2016