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Android Internals for Developers

Android Internals for Developers

Effie Barak

July 14, 2017

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  1. Init 4 First user space process 4 The root of

    all other processes 4 Spawns everything else
  2. public class ConnectivityManager { private final IConnectivityManager mService; ... public

    NetworkInfo getActiveNetworkInfo() { try { return mService.getActiveNetworkInfo(); } catch (RemoteException e) { throw e.rethrowFromSystemServer(); } } ... }
  3. interface IConnectivityManager { Network getActiveNetwork(); Network getActiveNetworkForUid(int uid, boolean ignoreBlocked);

    NetworkInfo getActiveNetworkInfo(); NetworkInfo getActiveNetworkInfoForUid(int uid, boolean ignoreBlocked); NetworkInfo getNetworkInfo(int networkType); NetworkInfo getNetworkInfoForUid(in Network network, int uid, boolean ignoreBlocked); NetworkInfo[] getAllNetworkInfo(); Network getNetworkForType(int networkType); Network[] getAllNetworks(); NetworkCapabilities[] getDefaultNetworkCapabilitiesForUser(int userId); ... }
  4. !

  5. Binder public boolean transact(int code, Parcel data, Parcel reply, int

    flags) protected boolean onTransact(int code, Parcel data, Parcel reply, int flags) throws RemoteException {
  6. AIDL tool 4 A bridge between the actual method and

    the transaction 4 Generates two parts- Proxy and Stub
  7. IConnectivityManager.java- Proxy @Override public android.net.Network getActiveNetwork() throws android.os.RemoteException { android.os.Parcel

    _data = android.os.Parcel.obtain(); android.os.Parcel _reply = android.os.Parcel.obtain(); android.net.Network _result; try { _data.writeInterfaceToken(DESCRIPTOR); mRemote.transact(Stub.TRANSACTION_getActiveNetwork, _data, _reply, 0); _reply.readException(); if ((0!=_reply.readInt())) { _result = android.net.Network.CREATOR.createFromParcel(_reply); } else { _result = null; } } finally { _reply.recycle(); _data.recycle(); } return _result; }
  8. IConnectivityManager.java- Stub public static abstract class Stub extends android.os.Binder implements

    android.net.IConnectivityManager { ... @Override public boolean onTransact(int code, android.os.Parcel data, android.os.Parcel reply, int flags) throws android.os.RemoteException { switch (code) { ... case TRANSACTION_getActiveNetwork: { data.enforceInterface(DESCRIPTOR); android.net.Network _result = this.getActiveNetwork(); reply.writeNoException(); if ((_result!=null)) { reply.writeInt(1); _result.writeToParcel(reply, android.os.Parcelable.PARCELABLE_WRITE_RETURN_VALUE); } else { reply.writeInt(0); } return true; } ...
  9. public class ConnectivityService extends IConnectivityManager.Stub implements PendingIntent.OnFinished { ... @Override

    public NetworkInfo getActiveNetworkInfo() { enforceAccessPermission(); final int uid = Binder.getCallingUid(); final NetworkState state = getUnfilteredActiveNetworkState(uid); filterNetworkStateForUid(state, uid, false); maybeLogBlockedNetworkInfo(state.networkInfo, uid); return state.networkInfo; } private Network getActiveNetworkForUidInternal(final int uid, boolean ignoreBlocked) { final int user = UserHandle.getUserId(uid); int vpnNetId = NETID_UNSET; synchronized (mVpns) { final Vpn vpn = mVpns.get(user); if (vpn != null && vpn.appliesToUid(uid)) vpnNetId = vpn.getNetId(); } NetworkAgentInfo nai; if (vpnNetId != NETID_UNSET) { synchronized (mNetworkForNetId) { nai = mNetworkForNetId.get(vpnNetId); } if (nai != null) return nai.network; } nai = getDefaultNetwork(); if (nai != null && isNetworkWithLinkPropertiesBlocked(nai.linkProperties, uid, ignoreBlocked)) { nai = null; } return nai != null ? nai.network : null; } }
  10. Responsiblities 4 Keep track of window activities 4 Visibilty 4

    Transitions and animations 4 Good UI experience 4 System level gestures
  11. Responsiblities 4 Installation of new applications 4 Resolving the correct

    activity 4 Creating a list of possible activites who can match a certain filter
  12. Responsiblities 4 Managing applications (activities, services, content providers) 4 Managing

    lifecycles 4 Managing the actual user 4 Memory trimming, managing excessive power usage 4 Handling configuration changes
  13. Managing Lifecycle 4 One Resumed app 4 Has surface/ visible

    4 Thread priority/ cpu affinity 4 Gain or lose certain permissions 4 OOM adjustments
  14. public final class ActivityManagerService ... { @Override public final int

    startActivityAsUser(IApplicationThread caller, String callingPackage, Intent intent, String resolvedType, IBinder resultTo, String resultWho, int requestCode, int startFlags, ProfilerInfo profilerInfo, Bundle bOptions, int userId) { ... return mActivityStarter.startActivityMayWait(caller, -1, callingPackage, intent, resolvedType, null, null, resultTo, resultWho, requestCode, startFlags, profilerInfo, null, null, bOptions, false, userId, null, null); } }
  15. class ActivityStarter { final int startActivityMayWait(IApplicationThread caller, int callingUid, String

    callingPackage, Intent intent, String resolvedType, IVoiceInteractionSession voiceSession, IVoiceInteractor voiceInteractor, IBinder resultTo, String resultWho, int requestCode, int startFlags, ProfilerInfo profilerInfo, IActivityManager.WaitResult outResult, Configuration config, Bundle bOptions, boolean ignoreTargetSecurity, int userId, IActivityContainer iContainer, TaskRecord inTask) { ... ResolveInfo rInfo = mSupervisor.resolveIntent(intent, resolvedType, userId); } }
  16. 1. Find the correct activity public class PackageManagerService extends IPackageManager.Stub

    { // Explicit activity @Override public ActivityInfo getActivityInfo(ComponentName component, int flags, int userId) { ... } // Implicit activity @Override public ResolveInfo resolveIntent(Intent intent, String resolvedType, int flags, int userId) { ... } }
  17. 2. Create a new ActivityRecord final int startActivityLocked(IApplicationThread caller, Intent

    intent, Intent ephemeralIntent, String resolvedType, ActivityInfo aInfo, ResolveInfo rInfo, IVoiceInteractionSession voiceSession, IVoiceInteractor voiceInteractor, IBinder resultTo, String resultWho, int requestCode, int callingPid, int callingUid, String callingPackage, int realCallingPid, int realCallingUid, int startFlags, ActivityOptions options, boolean ignoreTargetSecurity, boolean componentSpecified, ActivityRecord[] outActivity, ActivityStackSupervisor.ActivityContainer container, TaskRecord inTask) { ActivityRecord r = new ActivityRecord(mService, callerApp, callingUid, callingPackage, intent, resolvedType, aInfo, mService.mConfiguration, resultRecord, resultWho, requestCode, componentSpecified, voiceSession != null, mSupervisor, container, options, sourceRecord); }
  18. 3. Talk to Window Manager to do things mWindowManager.prepareAppTransition(newTask ?

  19. 5. Decide if we already have a process to use

    void startSpecificActivityLocked(ActivityRecord r, boolean andResume, boolean checkConfig) { // Is this activity's application already running? ProcessRecord app = mService.getProcessRecordLocked(r.processName, r.info.applicationInfo.uid, true); ...
  20. 6. Create a new process if we don't private final

    void startProcessLocked(ProcessRecord app, String hostingType, String hostingNameStr, String abiOverride, String entryPoint, String[] entryPointArgs) { ... Process.ProcessStartResult startResult = Process.start(entryPoint, app.processName, uid, uid, gids, debugFlags, mountExternal, app.info.targetSdkVersion, app.info.seinfo, requiredAbi, instructionSet, app.info.dataDir, entryPointArgs); ... }
  21. 7. Start a new process with Zygote private static ProcessStartResult

    startViaZygote(final String processClass, final String niceName, final int uid, final int gid, final int[] gids, int debugFlags, int mountExternal, int targetSdkVersion, String seInfo, String abi, String instructionSet, String appDataDir, String[] extraArgs) throws ZygoteStartFailedEx { ... return zygoteSendArgsAndGetResult(openZygoteSocketIfNeeded(abi), argsForZygote); }
  22. 8. When Zygote "calls back"- attach the correct activity private

    final boolean attachApplicationLocked(IApplicationThread thread, int pid) { ... thread.bindApplication(processName, appInfo, providers, app.instrumentationClass, profilerInfo, app.instrumentationArguments, app.instrumentationWatcher, app.instrumentationUiAutomationConnection, testMode, mBinderTransactionTrackingEnabled, enableTrackAllocation, isRestrictedBackupMode || !normalMode, app.persistent, new Configuration(mConfiguration), app.compat, getCommonServicesLocked(app.isolated), mCoreSettingsObserver.getCoreSettingsLocked()); ...