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I Joined the Secret Revolution

I Joined the Secret Revolution

Perhaps you've attended some high brow conference that produces 10 bullet points on "How to Change Education"-- and not much happens. Maybe you work an at institution that restricts you from using a certain technology or forces you to use another. And while the image of a revolutionary edupunk is charming, most of us are not ready to burn down our organizations- we believe in their purpose. Despair not! There is something out there-- an approach of creatively side stepping what limits us, to exploiting what we are forced to use in new ways, to sneak innovations in the back window that don't rock the house.

You are invited to join the Secret Revolution, a movement of experimentation in new technologies, one of sharing what we do, connecting to others, all operating just below the radar. Collectively, we can generate more change in our educational system than any glossy white paper. And... it's really not much of a secret!

Keynote for the 2010 Canadian eLearning Conference hosted at the University of Alberta

Alan Levine

June 23, 2010

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  1. http://cogdogblog.com/alan/archives/000031.html “Do not be surprised to see the Blackboards and

    WebCTs out there beginning to add RSS tools to their systems. Consider what would happen if these course management systems could syndicate synopses of all course offerings or just the assignments I might be enrolled in. The same RSS aggregator I might use to stay in tune with news could also feed me a summary of my pending projects or assignments.” mcli forum, fall 2003 http://www.mcli.dist.maricopa.edu/forum/fall03/rss.html
  2. They Stole OUr Learning Environment - Now We're Stealing It

    Back http://ouseful.open.ac.uk/blogarchive/007429.html “Moodle VLE is generally locked down, the wiki scrapes every flavour of embed, script and embed are not allowed in resource pages... but - if all you put in an HTML resource page is a single iframe, it seems to get through... So I can actually embed whatever I want in an inframe container within the VLE...” The Amazing Tony Hirst, Open University, http://ouseful.info
  3. http://doteduguru.com/id5292-mobile-pittstate-how-we-did-it-with-no-money-or-resources.html “I’m a one man army, like many of you.

    This project wasn’t the result of the effort of a team of a dozen people over 6 months. It was me, a couple weeks, and a lot of lost sleep. To do this, I committed to the idea that it would be a pet project... Part of me feels that you have to be willing to take those risks though when you’re in web development. Playing it safe means you’ll only ever be average.” Michael Fienen, Pittsburg State University
  4. http://www.mojopac.com/ http://www.slideshare.net/Aliandrews/second-life-in-your-pocket-presentation “Although the organisation I work for supported and

    paid me to develop a project using Second Life, we weren't able to install the software on our organisation's computers (not approved - it takes 10 months for software to be approved!) so we used USB sticks and software called 'mojopac' to circumvent the system and we were able to do demos to teachers without the organisation ever knowing”
  5. http://pairadimes.davidtruss.com/beg-for-foregiveness/ “I had students in Grade 10 Personal Planning do

    some of their work on a private ning network. For mid term & final report cards students did a self evaluation with a self prescribed mark that we discussed one-on-one while looking at their work and comparing what they did with what I thought was exemplary work... Didn't ask permission from the school or parents to add these students to Ning... that's why I just kept it private.” David Truss
  6. http://yammer.com/ “I used Yammer and created an account for our

    district. Didn't ask or think to. I slowly began inviting people who I thought might find it useful. After I had about 10 folks using it, I told everyone to start inviting others. We now have about 70 people using it (total teaching staff of about 500), that includes board members and superintendents. ” Dean Shareski, Prairie South School Division
  7. http://blog.ouseful.info/2010/03/10/ou-facebook-apps-reprise/ “The apps were largely developed out of time and

    in stolen time, and it seems that things are likely to continue in this way (which is both a plus – freeing us from constraints of interminable committees wanting to plan strategies rather than jfdi, and a minus – @liamgh is the only person we trust with the code which means any maintenance falls to him ;-)” Tony Hirst, Open University
  8. Looking for Whitman http://lookingforwhitman.org/ “Utilizing open-source tools to connect classrooms

    in multiple institutions, the project has created a collaborative online space in which students will be able to research Whitman’s connections to their individual locations and share that research with one another in a dynamic, social, web-based learning environment.”
  9. cc licensed flickr photos by Ryan Wolf and ryancr http://flickr.com/photos/re_wolf/3615800599/

    http://flickr.com/photos/ryanr/142455033/ Must be open and shared...
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    secretrevolution Tag the Revolution flickr photo by Laurie | Liquid Paper http://flickr.com/photos/96221617@N00/121545675/
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    http://delicious.com/tag/ s3cr3trev Tag the Revolutionaries flickr photo by Laurie | Liquid Paper http://flickr.com/photos/96221617@N00/121545675/
  12. cc licensed flickr photo by doug88888 http://flickr.com/people/doug88888/ cc licensed flickr

    photo by David M* http://flickr.com/photos/d_a_v_i_d_m_/102953776/