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Rekindling a love of creation with Ruby and the Raspberry pi

Ee5d925e923e9312b8633b75effcbfdb?s=47 Colleen
November 19, 2019

Rekindling a love of creation with Ruby and the Raspberry pi

Does your life and work as a software developer ever leave you feeling depleted? Have you lost your inspiration to create? Do you want to share your love of software and design with your children but don't know how? Well, fortunately if you already know Ruby it is a short leap to building physical devices with the Raspberry pi! This talk will give a detailed explanation on how to get started on the Pi with Ruby, and outline a few fun projects you can build with your children (or just yourself) to explore your love of software and hardware. This talk will also cover basic electronics (don't be scared of the breadboard), and show you how to build a whoopie cushion prank with some paper plates and your Pi. Leave feeling inspired to create something fun!



November 19, 2019

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  1. Rekindling a love of creation with Ruby and The Raspberry

    Pi Colleen Schnettler @leenyburger
  2. @leenyburger Why did you get into software development? Take a

    minute to think about it
  3. @leenyburger Hmmmm? Create something beautiful? Change the world Have control

    over your own destiny Make money?
  4. @leenyburger I got into engineering because I love math I

    wanted to create things. I wanted to change the world.
  5. @leenyburger The learning years - I can change the world!

  6. @leenyburger We have the POWER Software is everywhere and an

    integral part of our lives
  7. @leenyburger First Job NASA. I was making robots that go

    to the International Space Station!!
  8. @leenyburger Bureaucracy. What a buzz kill

  9. @leenyburger Fast Forward…15 years? Living my dream - AGAIN But….

  10. @leenyburger Why are so many software engineers dealing with burnout?

    (this is not a talk about burnout. But I think it’s relevant)
  11. @leenyburger So - let’s create something. Just for fun. Literally,

    no other reason.
  12. @leenyburger Kids say the darndest things

  13. @leenyburger Ambitious much? No kits - let’s do it ourselves!

  14. @leenyburger Raspberry Pi What you will need: Raspberry Pi I

    purchased the CanaKit pi with power supply, case, and switch SD card Jumper wires Resistors LEDs Alligator to pin clips Stepper motors (if you want to make something that moves) 1/2 size breadboards
  15. @leenyburger Step 1 - Setup Flash your SD card with

    Raspbian, the Pi OS Install Ruby on your Raspberry Pi (Python comes pre loaded. Sorry) Don’t get distracted by how cool Scratch is!
  16. @leenyburger Step 1 - Setup

  17. @leenyburger Step 2: Get started Write a Ruby script to

    do something
  18. @leenyburger Electronics: What is a circuit? Short Circui t BAD

  19. @leenyburger Is it yummy? Electronics: What is a breadboard?

  20. Solderless Breadboards Power Ground

  21. @leenyburger Electronics: What is a LED? Light Emitting DIODE Photo

    courtesy of electronicshub.org
  22. @leenyburger Electronics: What is a resistor?

  23. @leenyburger Current and Voltage Rated V = IR

  24. @leenyburger Current limiting resistor

  25. @leenyburger Current limiting resistor 5 mm White LED Current Rating:

    20mA Voltage Rating: 2V Source V from Pi V over LED
  26. @leenyburger Just grab a resistor. If it starts smoking grab

    a new one!
  27. @leenyburger Pinout

  28. @leenyburger Blink an LED

  29. @leenyburger

  30. @leenyburger

  31. @leenyburger Project #2 Whoopie Cushion Keep kids engaged Hilarious (it’s

    really just a big button)
  32. @leenyburger What you need 1. Two paper plates 2. Alligator

    clips 3. Aluminum foil 4. Sponges (if you want extra credit)
  33. @leenyburger Connect one lead to ground and one lead to

    a GPIO
  34. @leenyburger

  35. @leenyburger And the crowd goes wild!

  36. @leenyburger Project #3 A robot Manage Expectations

  37. @leenyburger Step 1 - Motors $6.00!

  38. @leenyburger Stepping $6.00!

  39. @leenyburger

  40. @leenyburger Half Step Sequence

  41. @leenyburger Spin baby, spin

  42. @leenyburger

  43. @leenyburger seq[0] = [1,0,0,0] seq[1] = [1,1,0,0] def set_pin(pin, val)

    set pin to value end
  44. @leenyburger Half Step Sequence

  45. @leenyburger seq[0] = [1,0,0,0] seq[1] = [1,1,0,0] def set_pin(pin, val)

    set pin to value end
  46. @leenyburger

  47. @leenyburger Print a robot? Thingiverse

  48. @leenyburger Putting it all together $6.00!

  49. @leenyburger Watch it go!

  50. @leenyburger JOY