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The voice assistant you’ve always wanted...with Actions on Google!

The voice assistant you’ve always wanted...with Actions on Google!

Nicola Corti

October 26, 2017

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  1. • Presented at Google IO 16 • Use Natural Language

    Processing • Mobile -> AI Google Assistant
  2. Available everywhere • Get information from the Context • Sync

    response across devices • Ask other device to act
  3. What is Actions on Google? • SDK for developing custom

    assistants • Fully integrated inside the Google Assistant • Just define your triggers “Ok Google, talk to…”
  4. Actions on Google Flow Ok Google, Talk to my calculator

    Sure! Here is my calculator What are you in the mood for? Speech-to-text Ok Google, Talk to my personal chef Sure! Here is my personal chef What are you in the mood for? It’s cold outside, so... Which kind of proteine you want to use? Text-to-Speech NLP Knoledge graph MLearning User profile Speech-to-text Text-to-speech Invoke My Personal Chef action Parse query and generate response HTTP Call DB Query
  5. Fully customizable Amazon Alexa Telegram Bots Messenger Bots Slack Bots

    Skype Bots Cortana DialogFlow Actions SDK Converse.ai Firebase Cloud Functions Heroku App Engine Any HTTPS webhook
  6. Deploy everywhere • Custom Assistants are available everywhere! • You

    need to pass a review process. • No need to install any package! • Strict name policy.
  7. Conversation Basics 1. Pick the right use cases 2. Create

    a persona 3. Write dialogs 4. Test it out 5. Build and iterate
  8. Be coperative...like your user! Yes, Yeah, Correct, That’s right! No,

    not Geneva, I said Jamaica No, not the 13th, the 30th, three zero You got the time right, but the date is wrong
  9. Be coperative...like your user! “UX is like telling a joke

    — if you have to explain it, you're doing it wrong”
  10. Triggering Ok Google, talk to My Personal Chef Ok Google,

    ask My Personal Chef for a soup recipe Ok Google, I want to cook
  11. And more…! • Request for Permission (say for location) •

    Perform Transactions • OAuth2 or Google Sign-in
  12. Community Program • Building your assistant • Make it approoved

    • 200$ bonus + Free AoG Tshirt • Follow-up with Milestones
  13. Codelabs/Samples • Codelab: Your first “Assistant” app • Codelab: Build

    an App for Assistant with Firebase and Dialogflow • Dialog flow Pre-built agents