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Master the Art of the AST - Full Stack Fest 2017

September 07, 2017

Master the Art of the AST - Full Stack Fest 2017

Think about the new tools that are taking over the Javascript ecosystem: Babel, Typescript, Rollup, ESLint, and smarter IDEs. What do they all have in common: they all take Javascript source code as input, and some emit Javascript code as output. This talk will be a deep dive into the basic building block all these tools share: Transforming your code into a JS Abstract Syntax Tree (AST). You'll learn to read, traverse, and manipulate the AST so you can extend Babel by writing your own plugins, or by writing custom ESLint rules to enforce your team's code conventions. You'll also learn how to create super powerful "code-mods" to automatically convert thousands of legacy ES5 scripts to ES6 in seconds.


September 07, 2017

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  1. //TODO Write linting rules to enforce your team’s code conventions

    ESTree- based AST + Visitor Pattern Write your own javascript transpiling code Write powerful “code-mods” to automatically refactor thousands of legacy scripts from ES5 to ES6 ESLint jscodeshift
  2. var foo = 'bar'; Program Variable Declaration Body Kind Declarations

    Variable Declarator Id Init Identifier Literal
  3. { "type": "Program", "body": [ { "type": "VariableDeclaration", "declarations": [

    { "type": "VariableDeclarator", "id": { "type": "Identifier", "name": "foo" }, "init": { "type": "Literal", "value": "bar" } } ], "kind": "var" } ] } var foo = 'bar';
  4. This code is a simplified version of the eslint-plugin-piggyback plugin: