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Master the Art of the AST - Codemotion 2017

Master the Art of the AST - Codemotion 2017

Think about the new tools that are taking over the Javascript ecosystem: Babel, Typescript, Rollup, ESLint, and smarter IDEs.
This talk will be a deep dive into the basic building block all these tools share: Transforming your code into a JS Abstract Syntax Tree (AST).
You'll learn to read, traverse, and manipulate the AST so you can extend Babel by writing your own plugins, or by writing a custom ESLint rules to enforce your team's code conventions.
You'll also learn how to create super powerful "code-mods" to automatically convert thousands of legacy ES5 scripts to ES6 in seconds.


March 30, 2017

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  1. //TODO Write linting rules to enforce your team’s code conventions

    ESTree- based AST + Visitor Pattern Write your own javascript transpiling code Write powerful “code-mods” to automatically refactor thousands of legacy scripts from ES5 to ES6 ESLint jscodeshift
  2. var foo = 'bar'; Program Variable Declaration Body Kind Declarations

    Variable Declarator Id Init Identifier Literal
  3. { "type": "Program", "body": [ { "type": "VariableDeclaration", "declarations": [

    { "type": "VariableDeclarator", "id": { "type": "Identifier", "name": "foo" }, "init": { "type": "Literal", "value": "bar" } } ], "kind": "var" } ] } var foo = 'bar';
  4. { "type": "Program", "body": [ { "type": "VariableDeclaration", "declarations": [

    { "type": "VariableDeclarator", "id": { "type": "Identifier", "name": "foo" }, "init": { "type": "Literal", "value": "bar" } } ], "kind": "var" } ] } var foo = 'bar';
  5. This code is a simplified version of the eslint-plugin-piggyback plugin: