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Making Sense of Google MUM

Making Sense of Google MUM

Crystal Carter

April 13, 2022

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  1. ↓ ↓ ↓ * Making Sense of MUM Crystal Carter

    Head of SEO Communications at Wix.com
  2. What is a Google Algorithm Update? When Google adds or

    refines the criteria and directives that it uses to order the information on the web so that they can best help their users to find what they need. To do this, Google periodically adjusts which types of information it deems to be most important, which can sometimes have a big effect which results are shown on the web. Making Sense of MUM @crystalontheweb
  3. Making Sense of MUM Google’s goal is to organize information

    in the best way possible. @crystalontheweb
  4. Why Does Google Make Algorithm Updates? Because our information landscape

    is constantly growing and evolving. So as well as What information users are looking for, Google’s algorithms take into account : • Where • When • How • Who Making Sense of MUM @crystalontheweb
  5. Why Does Google Make Algorithm Updates? To move closer to

    making information that they supply & direct people to… Highly Accessible … From the Best Sources… Which are the Most Useful. Making Sense of MUM @crystalontheweb
  6. Mobile First – Finished 2020 Page Experience Updates -2021 Page

    Speed Update – 2018 Intrusive Interstitials - 2017 Core Updates Highly Accessible Best Sources Most Useful Spam Updates – 2021 Product Reviews – 2021 Site Diversity – 2019 Original Reporting - 2019 Google Local/Possum – 2016 Core Updates Passage Ranking - 2021 BERT Update -2019 Medic Update -2018 Penguin 4.0 – 2016 Core Updates Why Does Google Make Algorithm Updates? Making Sense of MUM @crystalontheweb
  7. Making Sense of MUM Google’s goal is to organize information

    in the best way possible. @crystalontheweb @crystalontheweb
  8. Making Sense of MUM Expect Regular large scale MUM updates

    (Somewhat) Less Priority on Visible Text More SERP Diversity & Rich Results Pros Less Correction Time Great for Image Heavy Verticals Great for User Experience Cons Difficult to Assess Data Potentially Favours Bigger Businesses Difficult to Assess Pos. 1 Top Tip Maintain a healthy site, with good quality content. Look for Opportunities to create mixed media content & Invest in Image Optimisation Optimise for Structured Data Markup & Ideally Templatize it. What Can We Expect - Short Term? @crystalontheweb
  9. Making Sense of MUM Expect High Volatility in Health/ Medical

    Verticals Some Reduction in Prominence of English Content More Device/ Tool Driven Updates ie. Google Lens Pros Incentive to Build Partnerships Great for Smaller Markets Opportunities to Specialise SEO approach Cons May Become More Reliant on Paid Advertising Increased Competition Content Risk of Overstretching Top Tip Cross Channel and Quality Content Approach Invest in Multilingual Content Optimise for New Tools Like Google Lens What Can We Expect - Long Term? @crystalontheweb