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What are the off-roaders looking for?

What are the off-roaders looking for?

Slides used at Eastern Sociology Society Annual Meeting 2012.

Eduardo Cuducos

February 24, 2012

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  1. What are the off-roaders looking for? A sociological study of

    Brazilian adventure car consumers Eduardo Vicente Gonçalves http://about.me/cuducos
  2. Someone arriving from abroad in Brazil might be surprised by

    the amount of passenger cars equipped with off-road gear. A few of them with a spare tire on the hatchback door, others with lateral step pads and with bull bars in front of the bumpers, almost all of them with a raised suspension and on/ off-road tires. This foreigner would believe that the owners of these cars enjoy their weekends at places with difficult access. But we know that this is not quite the case. Valor Online
  3. None
  4. What are the motivations behind the choice for an off-road-like

    car? What are the nature of the social relations established through these choices?
  5. New Economic Sociology Sociology of Consumption +

  6. beyond the use-value high classes as a reference status, conspicuousness

    social privileges and groups differentiation-imitation
  7. consumption and class culture habitus & field social and cultural

  8. given interests social forged interests institutions individuals

  9. Viviana Zelizer

  10. Viviana Zelizer three approaches: extension context alternative

  11. Viviana Zelizer common standpoint: hostile words three approaches: extension context

  12. Viviana Zelizer theoretical proposal: multiple markets common standpoint: hostile words

    three approaches: extension context alternative
  13. Practice theories comprehend non-instrumentalist notions of conduct, both observing the

    role of routine on the one hand, and emotion, embodiment and desire on the other. Alan Warde
  14. None
  15. hypothesis

  16. hypothesis usages feel closer to nature ecological expression status bad

    paved roads aggressive traffic benefit-cost issues visual style
  17. Desk research (newspaper, magazines, advertisement) Contextual interviews with salespeople In-depth

    interviews with consumers CrossFox, Palio Weekend Adventure e EcoSport (different cities, ages, occupations etc.)
  18. “we don’t drive in bad road conditions, only on asphalt”

    comfort air conditioning, power steering safety streets, protection, intimidation visual aesthetic, adventure
  19. “it’s about feeling powerful; and I wouldn’t know how to

    explain this powerful” “and… well, because yes!” “I’m in love with my car, my little yellow one!…” affection & emotion
  20. payment options, assurance, taxes… benefit-cost oeconomicus

  21. colors, optional devices and gear comfort safety self-confidence powerful ones

    on the way
  22. lifestyle perceived benefit-cost feelings

  23. None
  24. muito obrigado

  25. muito obrigado thank you very much

  26. muito obrigado thank you very much Pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gilderic http://www.flickr.com/photos/ 15745331@N04

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