RULA Bookfinder: Getting People to Their Books Fast!

RULA Bookfinder: Getting People to Their Books Fast!

Presented at TRY 2013:
It should be no surprise that many library users have difficulty finding items using call numbers. To help users find items effectively and efficiently, Ryerson University Library & Archives (RULA) has built a web application for mapping library resources.

While not a new idea, our program is integrated into the user’s flow of information without having to load a special app. Unlike many other similar existing tools, our mapping tool also provides all the related information in one screen, a built-in search, links to video tutorials, the ability to share the link, and a way to get more help. In addition, the sleek, full-size interface is responsive to work on any size device.

Besides the development of the app itself, this presentation will cover the implementation of the app including the addition of physical shelf signage, how the maintenance of the app is integrated into staff workflow, usability testing, and usage statistics.


Cynthia Ng

May 07, 2013