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The Development of OpenStack

The Development of OpenStack

Dougal Matthews

April 24, 2014

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  1. OpenStack history 4 Open sourced in 2010. 4 Formed by

    NASA and Rackspace. 4 Icehouse is the current release (about a week old). 4 Then Juno will be released in ~6 months.
  2. But, what is OpenStack? A set of Python* based RESTful

    services for managing virtualised infrastructure. Including the management of virtual machines, networks and storage.
  3. The OpenStack services. 4 Nova (Virtual Machines) 4 Swift (Object

    Storage) 4 Cinder (Block Storage) 4 Neutron (Networking) 4 Horizon (Dashboard) 4 Keystone (Identity) 4 Glance (Images) ....
  4. The scale of development 4 1.3+ million lines of code.

    4 1,200+ active developers. 4 250+ git repositories. 4 1,000+ commits each week. 4 5,000+ new patches each week. 4 1,000+ emails a week.
  5. The development process. 4 A new release every 6 months.

    4 Each project within OpenStack has a Project Technical Lead. 4 PTL's are voted in for each release. 4 Launchpad and mailing lists to propose and debate bugs and additions.
  6. Verifying changes 4 Only Jenkins commits. No commit bit. 4

    Project has a group of core reviewers. 4 Every patch needs two +2's and one +A 4 Most patches have more than 5 reviews.
  7. Continuous Integration 4 Jenkins is a reviewer and will give

    your patch a -1 or +1. 4 Runs unit tests and integration tests. 4 Build documentation. 4 Checks against strict style guides.
  8. Getting your code committed can be slow Jenkins often takes

    hours Reviews are often open for weeks
  9. Development Environment This bit is thankfully quite easy. git clone

    https://github.com/openstack-dev/devstack.git cd devstack && ./stack.sh Then load up your web browser and head to the IP address of the machine to see the Horizion dashboard. From here you can create VM's and manage your cloud.
  10. So, why should I care about OpenStack? 4 It's open

    source. We currently have too much proprietary code and vendor lock- in. 4 Lots of great projects to work on, challenges to solve and people to work with.
  11. Also... Knowing both Python and/or OpenStack are really hireable skills

    right now. Red Hat are constantly looking for great people in many areas.
  12. The Late Disclaimer 4 No idea what I'm talking about.

    4 I don't work on anything I mentioned. 4 I work on the OpenStack project TripleO.