Is Data Warehousing dead?

Is Data Warehousing dead?

More and more people and devices are connected. Mobile, social and the Internet of Things are causing data volumes to grow. New technologies lead to new possibilities. These new technologies also lead to new ways of Data Management.
Traditional Data Warehousing might not be suitable enough to serve new data needs. Think about structured versus unstructured data, batch versus streaming data. And what about graph data? Do we need new technologies and architectures to be able to keep up with the ever-changing and evolving business demands?

This presentation covers the subject of Oracle Data Warehousing in the Big Data Age. Data Warehousing is around for years and years. The Oracle Database plays a central role in Oracle Data Warehousing. The Oracle 12c Database is not the relational database it used to be. It is equipped to challenge the changing needs of Data Management. What does the Oracle 12c Database have to offer for these changing needs?


Daan Bakboord

December 06, 2017