Random Data Generation with ScalaCheck - Scalar 2017

Random Data Generation with ScalaCheck - Scalar 2017

ScalaCheck is a well-known library for property-base testing. However, property-base testing is not always possible when side effects are involved, for example when writing an integration test that involves data being stored in a database. When writing non-property-base tests, we often need to initialize some data and then verify some assertions on it. However, manual data generation can make our data biased and preventing us from spotting bugs in our code. Having our data generated randomly not only it would make our test less biased, but it will also make it a lot more readable by highlighting what part of our data is actually relevant in our test.
In this talk, we will discuss how to reuse some of the existing ScalaCheck code to generate random instances of given types and how these can be combined to generate random case classes. We will analyse the properties of a ScalaCheck generator and provide examples of how we can manipulate existing generators to meet our needs.


Daniela Sfregola

April 08, 2017