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WebVR for the rest of us @ SRCCON 2016

WebVR for the rest of us @ SRCCON 2016

Tools for VR generation on the open web

Dan Zajdband

July 29, 2016

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  1. About me • Web developer • Knight-Mozilla fellow @ The

    Coral Project • Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires • Hackdash.org • JSConf Argentina / BAFrontend
  2. Schedule • Introduction to WebVR • Taking “VR-friendly” pictures •

    WebVR Starter Kit • A-Frame • GuriVR • Create your own world • ? • Profit
  3. WebVR • Open standard: WebVR.info • JavaScript API for different

    devices (Browser, Oculus, etc.) • Works in Chrome and Firefox, more browsers coming soon • ~Progressive Enhancement
  4. Let’s make some content • Use your phone ◦ Android:

    Your camera is probably fine ◦ iOS: Google Street Map app • Go around, take some pictures • In case you are lazy the flickr equirectangular group can help you
  5. WebVR Starter Kit • JS library (you can insert a

    script tag in your site and use it) • Comes with cool textures and objects • Well documented
  6. A-Frame • ~HTML entity-component system • Developed by MozVR (Mozilla)

    • Pretty much every WebVR piece you saw was made using A-Frame • Under heavy development • Plays amazingly well with the web ecosystem (d3, jQuery, React, etc) • Super exciting features coming up ◦ Links to other scenes without leaving vr-mode ◦ Component lazy-loading
  7. GuriVR • Create VR stories without coding (not event html)

    • Natural language processing approach (ugly regexp by now) • Text editor • Twitter and slack integrations • Outputs A-Frame • Under development (by me)
  8. Play around • Choose one of the tools we just

    explored • Play around • Create your own experience • Share it on the session etherpad :)