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Enabling hybrid operations on AWS

Enabling hybrid operations on AWS

The operations phase, a phase in our IT resource lifecycle where said resource spend most of their time - be that in patching, maintaining, running ad-hoc scripts, configuring. It is hard enough to do that at scale sometimes, but doing it across a hybrid infrastructure can be even more daunting. How can we make that better? Let's have a look at some best practices, tools, and resources to make your day to day operations, that much easier!

Darko Mesaros

July 24, 2020

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  1. Enabling hybrid operations on AWS Darko Meszaros Developer Advocate -

    AWS @darkosubotica ln/darko-mesaros twitch.tv/ruptwelve youtu.be/ruptwelve
  2. What will we talk about today? • What is Hybrid?

    • What are Operations? • Operations in a Hybrid Cloud • Best Practices
  3. Agility Complexity and risk Benefits of cloud Accelerate time to

    market Innovation Scale seamlessly Optimize costs Minimize security vulnerabilities Reduce management complexity
  4. Why do customers need hybrid cloud? Run workloads on-premises Run

    workloads in the cloud Provide tight integration Leverage skills and resources
  5. Hybrid cloud stats $96B Source: IDC, Rightscale, Forrester, Markets &

    Markets 71% 75% On-premises Cloud Hybrid cloud Size of hybrid market by 2023 Organizations with hybrid deployments Enterprise applications that are still on-premises
  6. Hybrid architecture goals Operational consistency Existing skillsets and tools Simple

    to control, manage, secure Enterprise-class app SLA Build once, deploy anywhere
  7. Data center extension Cloud bursting Backup and disaster recovery to

    the cloud Application migration Geographic expansion
  8. $(whoami) Darko Mesaroš / Darko Meszaros / Дарко Месарош @darkosubotica

    ln/darko-mesaros twitch.tv/ruptwelve youtu.be/ruptwelve
  9. Operations with agility Optimize Analyze and reduce cost, improve efficiency

    and security posture Act Take operational action on resources Audit Audit resource configurations, user access, and policy enforcement Monitor Monitor resources and applications
  10. Operations with agility Monitor resources and applications Optimize to reduce

    cost and improve security posture Manage resources and take operational action Audit user activity and resource configurations Amazon CloudWatch AWS Trusted Advisor AWS Cost and Usage Report AWS Cost Explorer AWS Systems Manager AWS CloudTrail AWS Config
  11. Amazon CloudWatch Complete observability of cloud resources and applications Monitor

    Visualize applications and infrastructure, correlate logs and metrics, set alerts Act Automate responses to operational changes Collect Metrics and logs form resources, applications, and services on AWS and on premises Analyze Real-time analysis with CloudWatch Metric Math and CloudWatch Logs Insights
  12. Any environment Operate any AWS or external resource centrally Open

    Agent is open-sourced on GitHub Multi-platform Windows and Linux support Automated Multi-account, multi-Region automation AWS Systems Manager Centrally manage hybrid cloud resources at any scale
  13. Perform operations as code • Apply the same engineering discipline

    that you use for application code to your entire environment. • Define your entire workload (applications, infrastructure, etc.) as code. • Make updates through code
  14. Make frequent, small, reversible changes • Design workloads to allow

    components to be updated regularly • Make changes in small increments that can be reversed. • These changes – if they fail – should not affect your customers.
  15. Refine operations procedures frequently • Look for opportunities to improve

    operational procedures as you do them • Evolve your workload -> evolve your operations. • Playbooks vs Runbooks • Game Days are fun!
  16. Anticipate failure • Pre-Mortem excercises • Test your failure scenarios.

    • Test your response procedures! • Game Days are still fun!
  17. Pagers and Notifications • Have an action per notification! •

    Do not page/notify someone unless there is something to do. • Notify the right person
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