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What’s new for Serverless from Microsoft Connect?

What’s new for Serverless from Microsoft Connect?

This is my presentation from Microsoft Connect Istanbul. A local version of the global online Microsoft Connect conference.


Daron Yondem

December 25, 2018


  1. What’s new for Serverless from Microsoft Connect? Daron Yöndem http://daron.me

  2. Agenda • AKS Virtual Node Public Preview • GPU Support

    in ACI Public Preview • Azure Serverless Community Library • Consumption Plan for Linux-based Azure Functions • Python Support in Azure Functions • Durable Functions for JavaScript • Azure API Management Consumption Tier Public Prebview
  3. AKS Virtual Node • Feels serverless, doesn’t it? • Virtual

    Kubelet supports ACI, AWS Fargat, Service Fabric Mesh, ECI • https://github.com/Virtual-Kubelet/Virtual-Kubelet
  4. GPU Support in ACI • Not available on the Azure

    Portal yet! • Use CLI with YAML or ARM • CUDA drivers preloaded • NVIDIA Tesla K80, P100 or V100 available • Machines up to 4 GPU, 24 CPU and 448 GPU RAM • Provisioning takes up to 8-10 minutes 
  5. Serverless Community Library • Ready to deploy solutions. • All

    open source. https://serverlesslibrary.net/
  6. It is like free food! More exciting if you are

    not hungry. DEMO | https://serverlesslibrary.net/
  7. Consumption Plan for Linux Functions • Previously only on Linux

    App Service Plans. • Now pay-per-execution on Linux.
  8. Python on Azure Functions on Linux • Pyhton 3.6 on

    Functions 2.0 • Go ML Gurus! • Linux based functions accept Docker containers for deployment.
  9. Durable Functions Extension for JavaScript • General Availability baby! •

    Function orchestration at its best! • Use in Node.JS. • Chaining, fan-out/fan-in!
  10. Durable Functions taking over JavaScript DEMO

  11. API Management Consumption Tier • Instant provisioning • Auto-scale •

    Pay-per-action • Serverless it is!
  12. API Management – Rate Limiting Function Calls DEMO

  13. What improvements to expect? • Better cold start times. •

    One-click upgrade to higher pricing tiers • Custom hostname and certificate
  14. Links worth sharing Virtual Kubelet with Azure Kubernetes Service http://drn.fyi/VK-AKS

    Cluster Autoscaler on Azure Kubernetes Service • http://drn.fyi/AKSautoscale Deploy container instances that use GPU resources • https://drn.fyi/GPUACI Durable Functions for Node.JS • https://drn.fyi/2BGEsRZ Samples:https://drn.fyi/2EJQBso Azure API Management for serverless architectures • https://drn.fyi/2AghEII
  15. Thanks http://daron.me | @daronyondem Download slides here; http://daron.me/decks